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UPI has made it possible to make digital payments in India. This payment technology works with many popular apps like WhatsApp, GPay and PhonePe. Although the digital economy is booming, payments are easy and convenient. However, this also opens up to fraudsters and scammers. The number of frauds and scams has increased dramatically.

WhatsApp launched a #TakeCharge campaign to raise awareness of safety hazards. WhatsApp payments enable users to send and get money from their contacts using the Unified Payment Interface. Users need a personal UPI PIN for each payment, without which the payment won’t go through.

These are the top safety tips for users to help ensure their safety.


Phishing ScamsThese scam emails or texts appear to come from well-known sources, such as banks and UPI providers. They ask for personal information.

Fake Customer Care FraudsFake customer service numbers for UPI apps usually call or send voice messages to request information, such as an OTP, or UPI pin. This is done in an attempt to solve an issue.

Collect Request Frauds, QR Code-Related Scams “Collect request” links lure users with cashback or lottery wins with just a click, resulting in money being deducted from the user’s account, instead of them receiving money. To receive money, scammers trick users into accepting the collect request and entering the UPI PIN. Sometimes they may ask you to scan QR codes in order to receive money.

UPI ID fraud:Scammers use deceptive UPI addresses to change a few letters of UPI IDs from legitimate businesses in order to divert funds. Before initiating any transaction, users must be alert and carefully review their UPI ID.


-Don’t share your personal details, such as account number and password, login ID, password or OTP with anyone. This includes bank officials.

Enter your UPI PIN to debit money from your account. UPI PIN does not need to be entered in order to receive money.

To receive money, do not scan a QR Code. To make payments in UPI, you must scan the QR code.

-Check the receiver’s name on verifying the UPI ID. Payouts should be verified.

Verify URLs and domain name spellings. Use only verified, secured, and trusted websites starting with ‘’https’’ and apps for making digital transactions. In the event of suspicion, immediately notify the cybercrime branch and local police.