Mann ki Baat: PM Modi urges people to go for a ‘Cashless Day Out’

Speaking at his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the citizens to go for a ‘cashless day out’ wherein they opt for digital payments instead of cash-based transactions. In his address, he cited two examples, one pertained to two Delhi girls – Sagarika and Preksha – who experimented with the ‘Cashless Day Out’ for a day. “Because of the UPI QR code, they did not have to withdraw cash. Even at most of the street food and roadside vendors, they got the facility of online transactions,” Modi said.

For the second example, the Prime Minister talked about Anandita Tripathi of Ghaziabad, who travelled to the North East with her husband and used digital payments even in remote areas of the region. “Looking at the experiences of Sagarika, Preksha and Anandita. I would also urge you to try the experiment of Cashless Day Out,” PM Modi said at the 88th iteration of his monthly radio program.

In addition to opting for a cashless day out, Modi also talked about the strides that India was making in terms of adopting digital transactions. He said that during the past couple of years, BHIM UPI had gained immense popularity and that it was being used at even small street shops. “In the last few years, BHIM UPI has rapidly become a part of our economy and habits. Now, even in small towns and most villages, people do transactions through UPI,” he said.

“A culture of digital economy is also evolving in the country. In small street shops, digital payment has made it easy to serve more customers. Now they don’t even have the problem of loose change,” he added.

Speaking at the program, Modi also highlighted the fact that transactions worth about Rs 20,000 crore take place in India every day”.

“Last March, UPI transactions reached around Rs 10 lakh crore. Due to this, convenience is also increasing across the country and an atmosphere of honesty is being created. Now several fin-tech start-ups are also coming up,” Modi said.

“Now digital transactions worth Rs 20,000 crore are taking place daily in our country. In March, UPI transactions even reached Rs 10-lakh crore,” the Prime Minister added.


In his monthly speech, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi called for the citizens of India to go for a “cashless day out” by using digital payments. Modi talked about how two girls tried this out in Delhi, and how it went well. He also talked about other people’s experiences with