Meta took down 27.3 million pieces of bad content from Facebook, Instagram in India

Meta removed 27.3 million bad content on two social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook in March. These included 24.6 Million pieces of poor content that were removed from 13 Facebook policies and more than 2.7 Mio pieces taken down by Instagram in 12 policies.

It also disclosed that it had received 656 complaints through Facebook’s Indian grievance system. The company responded to 100% of the reports, and resolved problems in 556 cases. Meta was the Indian grievance system’s recipient of 1,150 complaints in the instance of Instagram. The company responded to 100% of these reports. Meta acted in 20 of these cases, and resolved 556 issues.

Meta reported that the report “describes our efforts to delete harmful content on Facebook and Instagram, and shows our continued commitment towards making Facebook and Instagram safer and more inclusive,” as IANS stated.

The company explained that they use Artificial Intelligence and reports from the community, as well as review by their teams to find and verify content in accordance with our policies.

The company’s monthly compliance report also showed that 14.9 million of its reports were spam and 2.5 million contained graphic and violent content. 2.1 Million pieces related to sexual and adult activity and adult nudity.

Meta shared its monthly compliance report, which revealed that the company had banned 18 lakh malign accounts from India between March 2022 and March 2022. According to the company, it had received 597 complaints during that time and “acted” on 74 of them.

These reports were published to comply with IT Rules 2021, which require social media and digital companies that have more than 5 million users to submit monthly compliance reports.



Facebook and Instagram identified and removed 24.6 million pieces of content from 13 policies. One hundred percent of the complaints were resolved, and 556 issues were responded to. 2,7M pieces of content were removed from Instagram in 12 policies, while 1,150 complaints were received through Facebook’s Indian