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Minecraft is one of the most played sandbox games but the sharp blocks ‘placed by large sticks’ are not the favorite part for most especially in the initial stage. Shaders pack comes in as a rescue tool in this regard. If you just started playing Minecraft and are somewhat dissatisfied with the graphics, Minecraft shaders can help tweak the ‘graphic fidelity.’ In this article, we have put a simple guide on how to download and install Minecraft shaders.

How to install Minecraft Shaders on PCs

– Open Forge or Optifine download page and select the download for the version of Minecraft you are running in your system.

-Once downloaded, locate the file on your PC and run it. An install window up should pop up. Check if it is located in your Minecraft folders and then click ‘Install client.’

-Open the Minecraft Launcher app and in the drop-down menu to the left of the “Play” button, select OptiFine to check if it’s working, and then click Play.

Before you start following the process do keep in note that the shaders are only compatible with Minecraft: Java Edition, the popular version of Minecraft for PCs.

How to install Minecraft Shaders on mobile (Android)

Step 1- Download shader pack made for mobile phones that has mcpack on it at the end. Packs with “.zip” at the end need to be removed.

Step 2- Locate the downloaded shader file in your device file manager.

Step 3- Once done, long press it and select the “Open with” dialog.

Step 4- Select “Minecraft” from the app menu.

Step 5- Minecraft app will open, just navigate Settings and locate “Global Resources” to activate the downloaded shader under “My Packs” by clicking on the shader pack.

Some of the best shader packs for PCs include- BSL Shaders, Continuum Shaders, SEUS, KUDA Shader, to name a few. For mobiles, one can check ESBE 2G Shader, Reflex PE Shader, etc.