Mobile data not working properly? 5 easy tips to fix the issue

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, even more at this time when we are constantly dependent on mobile phones to connect with the world. Imagine if your mobile data suddenly acts up or stops working? Well, this can lead to a big problem as most of us use mobile internet to work from home and connect with friends and family while being stuck at home.

Today, we have listed five tips that can help fix the mobile internet quickly and make it work seamlessly yet again.

Tip 1: Disable the mobile data, turn on again

The easiest way to fix a non-working mobile internet is by switching off the mobile data option on your smartphone and then enabling it again after a few seconds. To do so, you can either head over to the Settings menu or directly disable the mobile data from the notification shade. Most phones have the notification panel at the top of the screen while there are some smartphones that have the notification shade either at the bottom of the display or sides.

Tip 2: Enable flight mode and disable to fix

This is another effective way to fix mobile data if it is acting up. You can either head to the Settings menu or open the notification panel to enable the flight mode. This will cut all connections and then rebuild it again and that often helps in the mobile internet working again. Keep the flight mode enabled for a few seconds and then disable it.

Tip 3: Check data plan if it expired

If your mobile data has stopped working the very first thing you should do is to check your data plan. Whether your mobile recharge pack has expired or not. If yes, recharge it immediately to reactivate the service.

If the mobile data is not working properly it could also be possible that the daily cap of your data pack has exhausted. Most recharge plans these days come with a daily data cap, exceeding which the mobile internet speed will either slow down or the internet will stop working completely. There are data packs available in case you have exhausted the daily cap.

Tip 4: Re-insert your SIM card

Another effective way to fix your mobile data speed is by taking out the SIM card from your mobile phone and re-inserting the SIM again. You will need a SIM ejector tool to take out the SIM card from the mobile phone.

Tip 5: Restart your smartphone

Yet another simple way that can help boost your mobile internet is restarting the device. Whether it’s a network problem or any other, restarting the phone most of the time helps in solving an issue on a mobile phone. Similar is the case with laptops, PCs, or any other gadget.