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Mobile phones have been an integral part our daily lives. What if your smartphone’s mobile internet suddenly stops working or goes down? This could be a problem because most people use their mobile internet to connect to friends or work remotely.

We have five quick tips to fix your mobile internet and get it working again.

Tip 1: Turn off mobile data and disable it again

It is easiest to repair a broken mobile internet connection by turning off your mobile data and then restarting it after a while. You can disable mobile data directly from the notification shade or go to Settings. The majority of smartphones have the notification panel located at the top, while some phones may have it at the sides or at the bottom.

Tip 2 – Enable Flight Mode and Disable to Fix

If your mobile data is not working properly, this is another way you can fix it. To enable flight mode, you can open the Notification Panel or go to Settings. It will disconnect all internet connections, then reconnect them. This can often help to get the mobile internet back up and running. After a while, turn off the flight mode.

Tip 3: If your data plan is expired, check it out

You should check your data plan if your mobile data suddenly stops working. Check whether your recharge plan has expired. To activate the service, you must recharge your mobile pack immediately if it has expired.

It is possible your daily data limit has expired and the mobile internet may not be working correctly. Many recharge plans now come with a daily data limit. If the daily cap is exceeded, the mobile internet connection will be slowed down or stopped completely. If you reach your daily data limit, there are data packs that can be purchased.

Tip #4: Insert your SIM card again

You can also fix mobile data speeds by removing the SIM card from the mobile phone, and then re-inserting it again. To remove the SIM card from your mobile phone, you will require a SIM ejector.

Tip 5: Start your phone again

Restarting your device is another way to boost mobile internet. Restarting your phone can solve most issues on mobile phones, regardless of whether it is a network issue or not. The same applies to laptops and other devices, such as PCs or smartphones.