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My website is for adventurers from all walks of life. Welcome to my website. We appreciate you clicking on the 36th article from our feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at mobile dnd 5e featThey were quick-footed but also elitist. This jam is in the players’ manual. All players should have access to this jam. That being said let’s take a look at the description.


It is important to note that this feat does not require any prerequisites. All races, classes, abilities are eligible to participate. All that is required. This is the feat description.

As per this mobile dnd 5e feat you’re exceptionally speedy and also agile.  These are just some of the benefits that you can reap:

  • Mobile speed can be increased by 10 feet
  • The dash is used to move on difficult terrain.
  • You can also use melee attacks against the creature, but you don’t provoke any chance attacks during the rest of the turn regardless of whether or not you hit.

It’s amazing. With all of that kind of laid out like so let’s take a look at the walkthrough and kind of break this down a little bit.


First, +10 feet for movement. That is just incredible! It’s unbelievable, you know. If you take the dash action, you don’t gotta worry about difficult terrain also really good stuff honestly. My current dungeon master loves to throw hard terrain at us and is very campaign-oriented. These would be very helpful to my current campaign. And after a melee attack you can’t take opportunity attacks from that creature.

Whether or not you hit, i think that’s amazing honestly. It’s also very cool from a roleplay perspective as well. Can you imagine the speed and agility needed to strike a specific character and then have him strike back? It is almost like flourishing. It sounds fantastic, and there are many scenes you could create using this technique.

Now, let me share my thoughts.


You know if you can’t tell already. This is a great move. You can increase the range of your character’s abilities in both combat and utility by a mere ten feet. The difficult terrain bit super cool as well depending on how they need your dm’s are with it.

Like there are some dm’s that would claim a steep slope as difficult terrain and if you’re dm’s like that that’s the way miners by the way. But if your dm’s like that then this feat puts you in a particularly good spot to be able to still run from enemies go ahead stuff like that. This is the best part.

The rogues are those who accomplish this feat the best. You can also get the bonus dash action. So i think that’s really cool as well. While anyone could probably benefit from it the charger feat makes it even more impressive.

It also let’s you attack as your bonus action only dash is your main action. I think that’s pretty cool so you could essentially dash move a little bit attack finish the rest of your movement. It’s possible to do it all in one go, without worrying about chance attacks.

You will receive either an attack roll bonus of +5 or damage to attack rolls depending on how the charger feat was written. So i needless to say there’s nothing to stop you from just running past your enemy over and over again. You could also use the action surge provided by fighters. This could enable you to travel long distances without being stopped by anyone.

You could easily traverse an army, maybe not the entire one, but you could travel quite a distance without being hurt.


In any case guys if you have any alternative uses for mobile or any cool character builds or concepts you can foresee or even ones that you’re playing right now. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. I love reading them and i know everyone else checking this article does as well and i really appreciate all of you guys and what you’ve done for this community. Everyone, have a great day and happy adventuring.