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All adventurers are welcome. Welcome to my spellbook. Thank you for visiting the 37th episode our feats series. Are you a fragile little character who can’t really do much to protect themself but wants to be able to. You might be one of these people. Today, we’ll be looking at Mediumly armored feat. dnd 5.. This feat is described in the players’ manual. So we should all have access to it and it’s kind of circumstance in terms of who can actually use it. We’ll get into that a little later though. With that being said let’s take a quick look at its description here so we know we’re talking about.


It is worth noting that you must be proficient with light armor. This applies to all classes of the game. So i would at least its inferred that they do i guess it doesn’t necessarily spell it out, but i could be wrong if i am please let me know in the comments. But i don’t think so. The description is however, as follows.

Prerequisite: Proficiency in light armor

You are a Moderately Armed DnD 5E Feat.

  • It is possible to easily increase your Strength and Dexterity scores by as much as 20 points
  • You can achieve the proficiency with medium armour and shields.

This is some cool stuff. let’s go through the walkthrough and break that down a little.


It doesn’t take a lot of meat for you to do your job. You can also have strength and dexterity. Shields and medium armor are also very cool. In terms of the strength and dex by the way, i’d probably lean towards the dex side reason being, most medium armor if not all medium actually uses your dexterity modifier to determine your AC level. Your dexterity modifier will be limited to two or three if you have the medium armor master feat. This will make your life easier.

Who knows although if you’re close you’re gonna modify on your strength side that i might be worth doing that kind of depends on your build. The medium armor and shields though super useful if there is a magical item that you want to be able to use that you can’t firmly. This feat allows you to access a lot more dungeonmaster guides items without suffering a lot of penalties. With that being said let’s take a look at my thoughts on this.


This feat is beyond me. Reason being i don’t really know who benefits from it. It’s possible to increase your AC in different ways than medium armor. It may seem reasonable from a background standpoint. Maybe there’s just not a whole lot of flavor to work with your so.

You may be reluctant to admit it. Technically, most casters would benefit more from the wizard than the wizard. Many casters have their own ways of getting around this. Honestly this would be good however if you’re DM did not let you multi class and a lot of them don’t or if you for whatever reason don’t want a multiclass. There will be some people who disagree with this.

Multi-classing is very useful since you can get proficiency with heavy armour if you are a forged priest. So the feats are really finite in this game i don’t know if you know that already but they usually come around only once every four levels. You want them to have the most impact on your character. I just don’t see with moderately armored.


However, it’s possible to be wrong! Maybe I’m wrong. I kind of hope so. That being said if you have any ideas for this feat, any ways to properly utilize it or any combinations that it’s necessary for. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts. I’m really curious i’m genuinely curious and i feel like a lot of the people checking this article would be as well. We need your support. Enjoy your day, and be happy adventuring.