More than 50,000 IT jobs are likely to move to India during the conflict in Ukraine: Report

Many companies have had to shut down their Russian and Ukrainian offices due to the Russia-Ukraine war. The disruption to work in IT is expected to lead to jobs being moved to India, both temporarily and permanently.

Experts at Randstad and Xpheno, as well as CIELHR, say that the most likely jobs to be shifted out of Russia and Ukraine are back-office tasks, shared services and solution maintenance services. They also suggest low and mid-level research and development.

Experts believe this change will be temporary but others anticipate it to last at least part of the time. According to Randstad Technologies and Staffing, the chief commercial officer and chief commercial officer is expected to add around 55,000-65,000 jobs to India’s job market to meet the current demand if there are any more incidents like the one in Ukraine. It is also important for Ukraine’s neighboring countries, including Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus and Belarus. This is why these jobs could be transferred to India permanently or temporarily.

Experts from Xpheno, on the other hand expect that at least 10,000 people will move to India from Russia and Ukraine in the coming quarter.

In an interview with The Economic Times, Aditya Maishra (CEO) of CIELHR Services stated that “Due the war, the work by employees in Ukraine has been disrupted”

According to experts, there may be 200-300 Indian firms that are active in Russia across a variety of sectors like pharmaceuticals or FMCG. Nearly all Indian IT companies have an office in Europe. India is expected to be a hub for foreign IT firms looking to switch their operations due the increased uncertainty in Ukraine and its surrounding regions.

Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines are some other countries in which companies may shift operations.



Many companies have had to shut down Russian offices because of the war. There are fears that jobs may be moved out of Russia and Ukraine, especially low-level tasks like research and development. India is a country where many foreign IT firms may relocate their operations because of the increased instability caused by the war