Name wrong on Voter ID? Here’s how you can correct it before Assembly Elections 2022

The date of Assembly Elections 2022 has been announced in five country states. It is now essential for you to have a Voter ID card to exercise your franchise. With the help of a Voter ID card, every voter can vote in the country’s municipal, state, and national elections. If you live in India, and your age is 18 years or above, you can easily apply for the generation of your Voter ID card by going to the Election Commission.

If you feel, for some reason, your photo, name, address, etc., on this card are wrong, then you can change it. You can make any correction to your Voter ID card online.

Before making a Voter ID card, know which form is for what purpose:

Form-6: For enrolling name in voter list and getting voter I-card.

Form-6A: For NRIs.

Form-7: For deletion of name from voter list or any complaint.

Form-8: For amendment in the made voter card.

Form-8A: To get the voter card made at the new address on change of house within an assembly constituency.

Here are a few steps to correct Voter ID card details online:

STEP1: To make changes in Voter ID, first of all, you have to click on the National Voters Service Portal

STEP2: Fill nvsp Form 8. This form is for the application to change the name in the electoral roll.

STEP3: Upload the required documents to change the name

STEP4: You have to give official proof, such as any government ID proof.

STEP5: You can upload documents like a passport, pan card, or any other official document to get your name corrected.

STEP6: Submit the nvsp form 8 and documents online.

STEP7: A reference number will be generated, which will help you check your online application status.

STEP8: After applying, your application will be processed, and the electoral board will verify your application.

STEP9: You will get a notification after the verification is complete.

STEP10: Now, you will be able to collect your new voter ID card from the nearest electoral office.