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Google introduced the “Nearby Share” feature last year to allow users to easily share data and files with one another, similar to what happens to iOS users thanks to AirDrop. This new feature will make it easier to share apps and force people to try them.

After Google announced the same in 2020, this ability is now available. The Nearby Share app sharing capability was expected to be available in the “coming week” and we now have it two months later. This is in addition to Google Files Go’s app-sharing capability.

If you want to continue sharing your favorite apps with friends, and telling them how amazing a certain app is to you, then keep reading.

What is the best way to use Nearby Share for Android apps?

To share apps, enable Nearby Share via the Notification Panel on both Android devices. The Google Play Store will be used to facilitate the sharing of apps. Here’s the next step after all that is said and done.

First: On both Android phones, open the Google Play Store.

Step 2 Tap the hamburger menu at the top-left corner of the Play Store.

Step 3 Select the “My Apps and Games” option.

Step 4

Step 5 – This section is where you can start the process. You must select the “Send” option to send an app. To receive them, you will need to know exactly what you should do.

Step 6 – After tapping the “Send” option, choose the app you wish to share.

7: After this, the recipient must now follow the five previous steps and choose the “Receive” option.

Step8: Wait for a while, and both devices will be issued a code to self-authenticate.

Step 9 – The recipient must now accept the app-share. After that, the app will be shared within a matter of seconds.

Apps can only be downloaded and shared. You can download the apps from the Receiving section. The best part about this feature is the fact that you don’t need a Wi Fi connection or mobile data to make the process happen.

Android now has the ability to share apps. It’s very easy to share your apps. The process is completed in a matter of minutes and you are able to tell others about the app that you’ve been talking about so much. It’s easy.