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Netflix introduced five gaming titles, including Stranger Things in November 2021. Netflix has high expectations for the segment, even though Netflix games still have a lot to learn. The Washington Post reported that Netflix plans to launch 30 more gaming titles by the end of 2018. Netflix currently has 13 games on its streaming service.

By the end of 2018, Netflix will own more 50 gaming titles. These titles are yet to be named in the report. The streaming service has confirmed it is working on a mobile app and TV series based upon the Exploding Kittens boardgame. The mobile game will be available on the streaming platform next month, while the Netflix show will arrive in 2023.

Netflix has many shows that are based on video games, including The Witcher and Arcane, which is based on League of Legends.

Netflix Games Catalog

Netflix currently offers the following gaming titles:

Into the Dead 2 Unleashed

Asphalt Xtreme

Card Blaster

Shaker Remastered

Dungeon Dwarves

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition

Arcanium – Rise of Akhan

Krispee Street


Dominoes Cafe

Wonderputt Forever

Bowling Ballers

Teeter (Up).

Shooting Hoops

Stranger Things 3 – The Game

Stranger things: 1984

Netflix also launched Trivia Quest, a new daily quiz show. Based upon Trivia Crack’s online game, the interactive program blurs lines between shows and games. This quiz every day aims to test the knowledge of its viewers. The 24 question daily quiz was created by Vin Rubino and Daniel Calin of Sunday Sauce Productions. The questions are presented in multiple choice format. They cover a range of subjects, including science, pop culture and other topics.

Netflix shared recently that Netflix has seen a dramatic drop in subscribers in Q1 2022, and is expecting to see a loss of around 2,000,000 more over the next quarter.


Netflix will release new titles to its gaming platform this year. It also plans on releasing 50 more games that year. Netflix already offers 13 games on its streaming service. Although the report does not reveal their names, they will be available by November. Notably