No internet, no cash? How to still use UPI to send money

India is ahead of most countries when it comes to digital payments. UPI is the dark horse that has given our country the lead. Making a payment via UPI is often easier than taking out your wallet to take out cash or look for change. However, India is trying to catch in terms of network coverage, when compared to other nations.

Imagine you’re trekking somewhere around a hill station and you come across a tea stall but you just realized that you’re out of cash. What should you do? You take your phone out to pay via one of the UPI apps. But nope, there’s no internet connectivity. There’s still a way to pay for your tea. Minimum network coverage can help you make the payment without a hitch.

Here are the simple steps to make UPI payments without an internet

The first thing you need to do is dial the *99# USSD code on your phone. As soon as you do that, you’ll see a pop-up with various options numbered 1 to 7. You’ll be asked to enter your choice. For sending the money, click on the corresponding number and hit send.

In the following pop up you’ll be asked for the payment mode. You can send money to an eligible Mobile Number, UPI ID, saved beneficiary or IFSC, A/C Number. Click on the corresponding number of the payment mode of choice.

It doesn’t get easier if the recipient’s number is registered with UPI. You just have to enter the eligible number and hit on send. You’ll be asked to enter the amount and hit send again.

Once you’ve entered the sum, you’ll be asked to enter a remark, which can also be skipped. Following that, you need to enter your UPI pin and hit send one last time. This should do the trick.

This method of payment was made to make UPI more inclusive. While smartphone users often resort to well-built UPI apps, feature phone users don’t have any option. The USSD code provides a simple yet very effective way to make payments digitally.