Noragami Season 3 Release Date and Plot

Noragami is and always will be one of the most loved anime of all time. It has a supernatural touch to the slice of life and comedy genre. Fans are eagerly waiting for Noragami Season 3 due to its past success. Let’s look into the details we have gathered up so far.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date
The initial first 2 seasons received enormous fan support and appreciation. Noragami gained popularity immediately after its release in 2014. In addition to this, Noragami Aragoto wiped out all its competition with its amazing sequel to season 1.

Arguably, Noragami season 3 will perform even better than its prequels. Now that it’s been 5 years since season 2, the starvation of its fans will make it a huge success. Currently, there has been no official news on the release date of Noragami season 3. But, unlike other animes Noragami season 3 actually has a higher probability of a revival.
Let’s see why shall we?
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Noragami Season 2 Ending
Noragami Aragoto ended its season with many cliffhangers. Fujisaki Kouto is actually Yato’s father and he actually kissed Hiyori. Yato still hadn’t come up with a solution to stop Hiyori’s soul slipping from her body. With so many unanswered questions, Bones(Anime production) stopped the anime series with Noragami Aragoto.

Usually, when such productions stop an anime with an interesting cliffhanger, they tend to revive it eventually after a few years. Great animes such as Gintama, Attack on Titan, One-punch man, etc have been revived after many years. This leads to the conclusion that the fan-favorite anime may have a season 3.
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Noragami Season 3 Expected plot
Noragami season 3 will probably answer the questions it gave us in the ending of Noragami Aragoto. Like its prequels, Noragami season 3 will most likely have 12-13 episodes. The Noragami manga has a really good storyline. This may be adapted by the anime series for the plot of Noragami season 3. Yato’s relationship with his father is something that might be portrayed throughout Noragami season 3.

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