Nothing teases to announce a new product today i.e. April Fools’ Day

After announcing its first-ever smartphone almost a week ago, Nothing has a teaser to announce “(1) More Thing” today, i.e. April Fools’ Day. The teaser shows a smartphone’s bottom edge that has a USB-C port for charging and a speaker grille on either side of the port. The smartphone seems to have curved edges and a metallic frame. As for the colour, the smartphone has a black colour back.

To make it even more convincing, Nothing has changed its Twitter handle from “Nothing” to “Another”, hinting that another smartphone is also coming soon. However, since this announcement is coming on April Fools’ Day, it is highly unlikely that we are actually going to see a smartphone here. Tech brands are known for announcing fake things on this just to get attention.

Obviously, we would like to be wrong here, but announcing two smartphones back-to-back when the brand has launched just one pair of earbuds in a year, makes us wonder if it is actually going to happen. That too, when the announcement is scheduled to take place on April Fools’ Day! Let us hope that the brand is actually coming up with something new and it is not just some fake announcement.

Nothing phone (1) confirmed details

Nothing phone (1) will launch sometime in Summer 2022. Nothing states that the device will feature a unique design breaking the monotony of slabs, but did not reveal anything about the design apart from a weird drawing.

The device will be powered by an unnamed Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, and will run Android with its own Nothing OS skin on top, which it claims will be fast and smooth, and will come without any bloatware. The device will get three years of guaranteed operating system updates and four years of security updates. The Nothing OS will feature heavy integration with the Nothing ecosystem that the company is trying to build with its products, as of now, the integration will be limited to the ear (1) TWS.