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The Delhi government now allows home delivery for alcohol orders made via online portals and mobile apps. This could surprise some and may be a relief to the winos.

According to the PTI Report, home delivery has been allowed under amended excise regulations. The Delhi Excise Amendment Rules 2021 published as a gazette notice on June 1st, will allow L-13 license holders to deliver liquor in homes within the capital. Deliveries to residences will only be permitted if orders are made via mobile apps or websites.

The notification states that the licensee will deliver liquor to the residents only when the order has been received via mobile app or web portal. No delivery shall be made at hostels, offices, or institutions.

This notification came a day following the announcement by the government that the unlock process would be initiated in the area. The notification is not a permission for liquor shops to deliver liquor at home immediately. Online delivery of alcohol will only be allowed to those who hold an L-13 license. Official (via PTI) stated that this category of license is not new. Instead, home delivery permits under the L-13 exemptions were already in place. According to the old rules, liquor delivery was only allowed for residences if ordered via e-mail and fax.

In May 2013, the Supreme Court recommended that the states opt for home delivery and indirect sales of alcohol to limit the spread of infectious disease. Despite long lines at liquor stores in Delhi for hours before the COVID-19 curfew was implemented, it seems that the government has taken the necessary steps to end the current crisis.

You can order alcohol online home delivery in Delhi using mobile apps or a web portal

The state government allows liquor delivery via mobile apps and online to licensed traders with an L-13 license, as mentioned previously. To apply for an L-13 license, go to Register, fill out the details and click the form to complete the application. After verifying the requested type of license, officials will issue the certificate, as noted by IndiaFilings.

Some states have laws that prohibit people from ordering liquor online. It is not allowed for liquor stores in national capital cities to deliver liquor at home. Online delivery was allowed in West Bengal, Maharashtra and Kolkata last year. It remains to be determined if the Delhi government follows a similar path or creates a dedicated portal and app for liquor in the state.