Pac-Man 99 battle royale game on Nintendo Switch: How to play, target opponent, tips

The Nintendo Switch has received Pac-Man 99, an arcade classic that’s been transformed into a battle-royale game. The new BR title replaces Super Mario Bros. 35, which was removed from the console eShop. Subscription holders will have the opportunity to play the base game for free. There are also paid DLC packs that include CPU mode, customized themes (a handful of Bandai-game theme themes), and time attack.

Pac-Man 99 has a similar theme to Tetris 99, which was released as a free battle royale title in 2019. With a twist, the new Pac-Man title features ghosts that are eliminated and sent to another player’s game (aka Jammer Pac-Man), to block their movements. You can fight 99 other players in this game, but they must not be in the same maze. They have to compete in one tile/individual match. You will win if you can survive until the end (or simply to put, the last Pac-Man standing). Here are some tips and guidelines to help you get started with the game. Before we start, a reminder that players in India can visit Nintendo’s site to download the game. Users from India will need to create an account using a US-based address for access to the eShop.

Pac-Man 99: Rules, how to play and tips to follow

You must have played this arcade classic to know how to make it to the final. The new Pac-Man 99 BR mode has a twist. You can eat Pac-Dots while avoiding ghosts, and you will be competing against 98 players. The winner of the ‘PACONE’ title will be the one who beats all 99 other players. Players can use unique power-ups or new features to try and get an ‘upper hand’.

Let’s get down to the essentials. To avoid ghosts, eat power pellets. You can also rack up points. You can give an opponent a Jammer Pac-Man if you stop eating ghosts. A player who touches the Jammer will experience a slowdown. By eating the Sleeping ghosts near the middle of the stage, you can swallow a whole chain of ghosts. You can also eat the fruits near the center of the stage if you run out of pellets or want to restart.

You can use four power-ups: speed, strength and standard. The game offers four choices for targeting other players: random (pick an opponent randomly), knock-out, counter (aims at the opponents that you are fighting), hunter (targets those who have been knocked out the most).

You may be confused as to what the White Pac-Men and Red Pac-Men are doing. White Pac-Men can slow you down if they pass you, so it is best to avoid them by eating power pellets. Red Pac-Men, the colour they denote is dangerous. You can get rid of them by eating fruit.

The Pac-Man Subreddit provided a detailed explanation of each power-up. The speed of the game is doubled, however it has a lower attack output. Train- doubles your ability to tap on sleeping ghosts. Each touch triggers a Jammer. Stronger- allows you to consume 2x power pellets in three seconds. Standard- not much else to discuss. Power-ups are only available if Pac-Man has consumed a power pellet.

This is all there is to it about Bandai Namco’s new Pac-Man BR video game. Here are some tips before we go. For a novice jock, the best thing to do is stay low and watch (but not get hurt). It can be tempting to eat ghosts, but you should slow down because the game becomes more difficult with each level. You can set Ghost Trains and choose from eight presets to give yourself an advantage over your opponent.