The 10 Best Linux Backup Tools

If you are a high-end software developer, system admin, or content creator who changed their Alien ID to the Linux world, then this article piece is for you. There is no worse enemy to a committed Linux enthusiast than data loss. To deal with data loss, you must understand the essential services of backup tools … Read more

Talentless Nana Episode 9 Release Date and More!

In this post, we are going to be talking about the latest and upcoming Talentless Nana Episode 9 Release Date and More. Talentless Nana is a hidden gem of this season. Although this anime looks average, it’s one of the darkest animes this year. The official description of the anime doesn’t do it any justice at … Read more

Attack on Titan Unveils A New Illustration of Survey Corps!

Hey Everyone! Herewith another exciting update on the anime, Attack on Titan. The anime has shared new illustrations from the chapters of “the voluntaries” with Studio MAPPA. Aniplex Asia will be streaming its final season on December 7. Along with a simulcast airing of the Attack on Titan with English subtitles. The fourth season will … Read more