PDF to Word converter: How to convert PDF to Word file for free online

How to convert PDF file to Word file? This is a question that each of us had in mind some or the other time. If you have a PDF file but want to edit some information in it, you will need to convert it into word file first thing. And how do you do that? Well, it is simple. Just try out some of the convertors available online.

Well, there are several PDFC to Word convertor available online but which ones should you try out? There are many genuine ones available. Starting from, https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-word, https://www.freepdfconvert.com/pdf-to-word, https://www.adobe.com/in/acrobat/online/pdf-to-word.html, https://simplypdf.com/, among others.

There are several convertor websites that charges an among to convertor pdf to word. The aforementioned ones are some of the free pdf – word convertors available online. Most of these websites work in the same manner. Check here how you can convert PDF file to word in just a few simple steps.

How to convert PDF to Word file

Step 1: First find out which of the many free websites you want try out to convert a pdf file to word.

Step 2: Open the website. For instance, say https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-word website.

Step 3: Select the PDF file you wish to convert. You can choose a file from your PC.

Step 4: Once the file is uploaded, click on the Convert option.

Step 5: The website will take some time, so have be patient there. Wait for the file to get converted.

Step 6: The website will notify once the file is converted.

Step: You will now be able to download the file and save it. Some websites ask for email ID to send the converted file, while others can directly download the word file.