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Are you familiar with Persona users dnd5eThey are more powerful than the other advanced classes, and should be expelled from parties of non-Persona User. This article was written in accordance to our persona dnd campaign. For more information on this topic let’s dive into its description without any further ado.


3rdPersona, Affinity, and Skilled Combatant
7thExtra Attack
10thSpirit Recovery
15thPersona Evolution, Weapon Mastery

Third level allows you to summon an animal Persona dnd5eIt is always a projection of your inner self. It protects and even fights for you.

Basically, the dnd 5e persona class is a manifestation of a persona user’s personality, which is referred to as a “mask”Individuals who are able to assist them in times of hardship.  However, in the depths of the human hearts, that are shared with all the people, there is such a domain wherever the mythological archetypes dwell, and of course they shall grant an influence over the individual’s personality development. Of course all the persona’s can have an influence on the physical and on the mental abilities, making their users superhumans, for an instance giving them mastery over the different weapons or resistance to terror and madness.

Mainly, whenever you’re first awaken to your d&d persona, then you select a persona type from among the given choices, that determines what skills it is capable to learn, as well as any bonuses that you receive to your HP or SP.

Your primary and secondary skills will determine which skills you can learn. All other skills are considered Tertiary Sills.


Your persona specializes in the physical attacks, and of course you’re more durable than the other different persona users. Additional 6 hitpoints and 3 spirit points can be gained per level.

  • Primary SkillsPhysical
  • Secondary Skills: Choose two categories from either Debuffs or Buffs.


Your persona 4 DND5e is well-rounded, and has many skills. You also get 4 hit points and 5 Spirit points per level.

  • Primary SkillsNone
  • Secondary Skills: Select from four categories: healing, buffs or debuffs, physical or all elements.


Here your persona dnd homebrew specializes in the magical abilities, even though you’re somewhat less durable than the other persona users. This case will allow you to gain 2 hitpoints per level along with 7 Spirit Points.

  • Primary SkillsOne Elemental or one healing.
  • Secondary SkillsYou can choose from two types of healing, buffs or debuffs.


The skills list will allow you to choose one of the three Tier 1 skills. Each level can be used to learn additional skills. You can’t learn any skill with the higher tier than your limit for the skills of its category, as we shown in the Persona Skills table.

Your Persona type is the key to all your primary, secondary, and tertiary skills categories. Only eight Skills can you have at once. It is possible to acquire another skill, even though you already have eight. Then, you would need to forget about one.

You will be able access a new skill-tier when you reach your first level. The tiers below can be used to replace your skills (subject the normal tier limits). It takes eight hours to meditate and you can quickly replace a skill with one you’ve forgotten. It is possible that you only can do this one time per day.

∴The Persona 5 dnd Class such as Rogue Warlock