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Whats up gamers and DM’s! welcome to the and thanks a lot for becoming a member of into our background collection. In the present day we’re going to be going over one of many extra basic 5e backgrounds a minimum of when it comes to idea. We’re going over the Phlan Rebel Background 5E. In any case when you’re visiting our web site for the primary time or when you haven’t checked all of our background articles and don’t know what are dnd backgrounds then we extremely suggest you to go to this official web page now. And be up to date with our newest articles on a regular basis. That being mentioned let’s dive into the Phlan Rebel Background 5E by first taking a second and going over its description.


Phlan rebel 5e: Right here the taking of a phlan by the Vorgansharax is a clear and clear reminiscence in your thoughts. Nonetheless you’re going about your on a regular basis enterprise at any time when the inexperienced dragon’s forces shall be spilled out of a sewers and assailed your private home. Many of those Phlan’s residents, younger and in addition the previous alike, have been captured, killed, and even supplied because the tribute for the Maimed Virulence. Al although you, your self, have been a kind of captured. However mainly, both with the assistance of adventurers or else by way of your individual wits and sheer willpower, that you just escaped.

However relatively than flee the area, that you just’ve been chosen to remain and struggle. Right here discovering of refuge exterior the city and in addition the lethal thicket surrounding it, you’d strike out to in opposition to the Tears of the Virulence and in addition their monstrous allies. Nonetheless, you’ve been discovered for surviving within the dire and in addition determined circumstances, with the provides these are working low and even the arrival of reinforcements unsure. You’ve been grown up accustomed with the intention to appearing beneath the quilt of night time, just by dealing what shall blow you’ll be able to to avenge the varied family and friends that you just misplaced throughout the forex that has been occupied phlan. You shall be drive Vorgansharax out, otherwise you die attempting.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Stealth, Survival
  • Device Proficiencies: One sort of artisan’s instruments, automobiles (land)
  • Tools: A bag of 20 caltrops, a small trinket that connects you to the life you as soon as had earlier than the occupation of Phlan, a healer’s equipment, a set of darkish widespread garments that features a cloak and hood, and a pouch containing 5gp


It has been eliminated out of your life like a townsperson, you’ve been adopted for the tough life within the wilds surrounding Phlan. Anyway the commerce you has been practiced nonetheless influences your outlook, and the style wherein you do strategy the conditions, and in addition the best way that you just do contribute for the resistance motion in opposition to to the Maimed Virulence. You’re able to rolling on the under talked about desk with the intention to decide what your occupation was earlier than a fall, or else choose one which most closely fits your character (choose from both the overall column or the precise column, however not each).

d8Origin (Basic)Origin (Particular)
1FisherStojanow River employee
2HunterTwilight Marsh employee
3CraftspersonMantor’s Library scribe
4Priest/Priestess Clergy of Ilmater
5Cook dinnerLaughing Goblin server
6Metropolis Watch Black Fist guard
7ServantHome Sokol retainer
8Unskilled Laborer Bay of Phlan dockworker

Characteristic: Guerilla

As per this characteristic you’ve been come to know all concerning the surrounding forests, streams, caves, and in addition the opposite pure options in that you’ll be able to take refuge – or else arrange the ambushes. You could possibly shortly do survey your surroundings for the advantageous options.  So, in an addition to that, you too can scavenge round your pure environment for the cobble collectively easy provides (akin to improvised torches, rope, patches of cloth, and many others.) that are consumed after use.

Recommended Traits

You’ve been given up a life that you just knew like a citizen of Phlan, Nonetheless, a Maimed Virulence’s invasion resonates deep inside you. In all probability, you’ll have few associates or else members of the family those that have been in a position for escape with you. Or, most likely, every and everybody you held expensive both perished or else went lacking throughout a fall. Nonetheless, it’s possible you’ll find out about somebody who’s, in opposition to the all odds,  surviving inside a thicket and even you lengthy to liberate them from a lifetime of peril throughout the city.

Persona Trait

d8Persona Trait
1My persistence is aware of no bounds, as long as my purpose is in sight.
2In life and in battle, the ends justify my actions.
3For those who aren’t serving to me, you’d finest a minimum of keep out of my manner.
4I lengthy for the life that was taken away from me.
5Family and friends perished, tragically, earlier than my eyes. I hope by no means to endure that once more.
6Making the best decisions in life is necessary to me. The alternatives I make may save not simply my life, however the lives of others as effectively.
7I can by no means enable my foes to get the drop on me.
8Time is a valuable useful resource that I need to spend properly.

Very best

d6Very best
1Management: The oppressed want somebody to encourage them to brave acts. (Good)
2Unpredictability: Protecting the enemy guessing and off-balance is my tactical energy. (Chaos)
3Willpower: Threats to my residence should be eradicated in any respect prices. (Any)
4Freedom: Those that are enslaved and unjustly imprisoned deserve my assist. (Good)
5Resourcefulness: Our wits are our Most worthy useful resource in troubled instances. (Any)
6Unity: Working collectively, we will overcome all obstacles, even essentially the most seemingly insurmountable ones. (Any)


1I’ll by no means let my fellow insurgents down. They’re my solely remaining associates.
2I used to be separated from a beloved one throughout my escape from city. I’ll discover them.
3One of many Tears of the Virulence was a trusted pal, till the day they betrayed town. They may pay harshly for his or her transgressions.
4An merchandise I maintain shut is my final remaining connection to the household I misplaced throughout the fall.
5The dragon who took my previous life away from me will really feel the complete extent of my vengeance.
6The information in Mantor’s Library is an irreplaceable treasure that should be protected.


1I’ve no respect for many who flee. I harbor a deep grudge in opposition to the residents who deserted Phlan.
2Ale is the one manner I can escape the desperation of my circumstances.
3It doesn’t take a lot to get me right into a struggle.
4Being an rebel means doing issues that aren’t at all times moral. I’m nonetheless studying to dwell with that.
5My want to liberate Phlan oftentimes clouds my judgment, regardless of my finest efforts.
6I relentlessly despise the Maimed Virulence and his allies. I’d abandon different objectives with the intention to strike out at them.