Pixel font comes to your Android keyboard: How to get it now on Gboard

Ever since Google dropped the Pixel series upon us, there’s a nice group that loves the way how Google does interfaces. The Google Sans font from the Pixel devices looks beautiful and has pushed several Android users to port it to their non-Pixel Android phones. Google eventually started distributing the Pixel experience to more of its products and if you always wanted the Google Sans font on your keyboard, it is now available.

The latest update to the beta version of Gboard brings some aesthetic improvements to the keyboard. The default font has now changed from Roboto to Google Sans, which imparts a highly Pixel-like look. The light theme now has darker colors for the letters and mild shades for the key spaces. Along with some minor revisions to all the elements of the keyboard, it does make the keyboard look very Pixel-ish.

How to get Google Sans font on your Gboard keyboard?

Do note that the new font for the Gboard keyboard is available only for Android devices. Moreover, you will need to be enrolled for the Gboard beta program and then hope to be in the batch that Google releases it for. Initially, Google started the rollout of this update but I had to wait until December to see the changes on my Android devices.


In order to have a chance at trying out the new Gboard, you can enroll yourself for the beta program on Google Play. This way, you will have early access to all the new features from Gboard on your device before the stable lineup. You can enroll yourself in the beta program from this link.

So far, I got to see the new update on my Moto G 5G, complete with the new UI from a few days ago. There are no notable stability issues and bugs so far. The revised UI has already improved the aesthetics and the user experience remains the same as always.

On the other hand, Google is bringing a host of new features to its Pixel devices. If you have a Pixel 3 and a newer device, the latest Pixel feature drop now brings three new features to enjoy. There’s the new Extreme Battery Saver functionality that limits most apps and allows only a few functions to save on power. Then there’s Duo screen sharing that allows screen sharing while in group calls. The Adaptive Sound also adjusts the speaker output depending on the surroundings.