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All adventurers! Thank you for visiting my spellbook. This is our 42nd episode of the series dnd feats. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the only racial feats available to humans and a feat that is quite frankly perfect if your hero has shall we say some narcissistic tendencies or it claims to be the best at everything played a character like that in the past, really enjoyed it but the rest of my party either you were quite opinionated about them. That being said today we’re taking a look at dnd5e prodigy feat. This unique feat is found in the xanathar’s guide to everything and you know it’s pretty cool. Let’s take a look at the description here to better understand what we’re talking about.


You must first have a human within you. You could have a human inside you, or a half-elf, or a half-orc, or just a purebred. Let’s read this feat description and get a better sense for the wording here.

Prerequisite: Human, half-Orc and half-Elf

Prodigy 5e dnd feat can help you learn new things. These are some of the benefits that dnd feats can offer:

  • Mastering just one skill will give you the greatest benefit. It depends on which language you speak and what your preferences are.
  • You can also choose a skill you are proficient in. You can also acquire expertise in the skill. This means that your proficiency bonus will double for every ability check you perform with the skill. You must select a skill not already covered by Expertise or any other feature that doubles the proficiency bonus.

Oh! wow! Wow! In any case let’s head over to the walkthrough and just unpacked it a little bit.


So, there’s not really a whole lot today sec-too much here. It is possible to master one skill, one language, and one tool. It is all quite amazing, if you stop to think about it. This is the holy Grail! It also gives you expertise in one area. It is basically double proficiency. Rogues get it, Bards get it as well kinda sorta it’s weird i’ll explain that a little bit later. It’s still amazing stuff! With all of that out of the way let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


Which class is most likely to benefit from this? it’s hard to say it’ll probably be one of the charisma based classes so paladin or sorcerer or warlock or maybe a wisdom based class like the druid or the cleric. Reasons being this is really a feat that’s meant to benefit out of combat more than in combat. What i mean by that is skill checks are usually not made in combat, they’re made outside so it makes sense to align it with one of those stats because they’re just more useful outside of combat.

That being said the cool interesting build concept for this and i need some of you veterans to weigh in on this because personally being a dungeon master idle out in my games but i don’t know if you would or if would change the balance of this feat at all but i don’t know if it affects the bard kind of pseudo expertise like it’s half expertise like the feat specifies that only consider is when you can’t stack this with something that doubles your buzz as something that doubles your proficiency. But the rogue or the bard one doesn’t. It only adds half. So i’m just curious if you can get 2.5 your proficiency bonus added on to anything. You get what I’m referring to. i assume i’m making sense if you want to weigh in on that i would greatly appreciate it.


That said, if you have any crazy concepts, build ideas, opinions or cool stories involving Prodigy let me know down in the comments beneath i really appreciate it and i’m looking forward to reading all of them. We appreciate your support and wish everyone a happy day.