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PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta global version was released last week. Similar to previous beta versions, a player is required to have a Binding code (simply to say invitation code) to access the latest version. The perks of the beta global version are that one can test the new features ahead of its official rollout in the stable build. The latest PUBG Mobile beta global version bundles a host of exciting features. In case you are unable to download the latest beta build, following these simple guidelines. But before you proceed, readers from India are advised not to try downloading the update, as PUBG Mobile is banned in the country.

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta global version: Here’s APK download link for Android devices

Step 1- To download the PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta global version, follow this link.

Step 2- The link once clicked, you will then have to download the APK file.

Step 3- Before tapping on the file, check if you have sufficient storage on your device.

Step 4- Enable the “Install from Unknown Source” on your Android device, and once done you can download the beta version.

Image Source: InsideSport

Step 5- Once the file is downloaded, open the game and choose from either of the resource packs- Low-spec Resource Pack or HD Resource Pack.

Step 6- Then click on the ‘Guest’ option and you will find a dialog box where you need to enter the invitation code.

Step 7- An invitation code is necessary to access the latest PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta version as it binds the global version accounts of the game to the beta version (via Sportskeeda).

Step 8- To get the invitation code open PUBG Mobile and then click on the event section. Then tap on the ‘Test Server’ option and then press the ‘Generate Binding Code’ button. An invitation code will then appear on the screen.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta global version: Features, weapons, vehicles, and more

PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta update patch notes revealed a ton of new features- from new weapons, vehicles, system, etc. The patch notes show Erangel Transit System, anti-gravity motorcycle, air conveyor, protection and patrol robot, MG3 light machine gun, and a game mode (TS mode).