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Vikendi has become very popular with the release of the Arctic Mode and Cold Front Survival modes on PUBG Mobile. Extreme survival is the focus of this new mode. This challenge pits players against enemies and hypothermia. Hypothermia is a rapid cooling effect that causes body temperature to drop.

Players must find shelter to combat the freezing winds that blow over snowy mountains. Keep the fires lit to keep warm. The catch is that the location of your precise position on the map can be revealed by the bonfires crackling. So your enemies will know exactly where you are while you’re trying to get through the blizzard.

How to win Cold Front Survival

The Arctic Mode will have you searching for the best place to shelter from the storm before it arrives. It is important to move quickly and increase your loot hunting speed as you explore locations. You can ski in the game to move faster in snow. You should use it because running can’t keep up with a snowstorm. Another advantage to using the snowboard? You can ski away from your opponent and dodge bullets.

You can use the snowstorm to attack unsuspecting foes while they wait for the blizzard’s end. To locate enemy positions indicated by burning bonfires, look up the map. You can use the heater to keep your body warm as you move out in the snowstorm. This is where skills and team coordination are crucial. Be aware of potential enemies waiting for you to fall in ambush.

Cold Front Survival is easy to master with the drone. However, it is important to know how to best use the drone to find and eliminate enemies. You are an easy target for snipers if you launch it from rooftops or open areas. You should choose an area that is safe to launch it from. It is a good idea to have a member of your team watch you while operating the drone. You will be able to tackle enemy attacks from behind if you do this. You should not use the drone for unnecessary purposes. It has limited power and could soon run out.

To survive Cold Front Survival, you will need to have a variety of items, such as warm packs, heaters and branches. If you’re caught in a blizzard, heat packs can be very useful in keeping your body warm. There are also chickens all over the place. You can then shoot them and keep them until you are able to cook them over the fire pit during a snowstorm. You will be protected from the chill by eating meat. You will also need other consumables such as energy drinks and painkillers, since you must restore your health often in this manner.



The Arctic Mode, or Cold Front Survival, on PUBG Mobile, is about extreme survival. This includes fighting two enemies and hypothermia. However, the best way for you to survive is to seek shelter from a shelter. Another advantage to snowboarding is its versatility.