PUBG Mobile: Here’s how to get that win on Cold Front Survival

With the introduction of the new Arctic Mode or Cold Front Survival on PUBG Mobile, Vikendi just became popular. This new mode is all about extreme survival. Players in this challenge fight against two elements – enemies, and hypothermia. An acute cold environment swiftly brings down body temperatures, making one susceptible to death by hypothermia.

To combat the periodical, freezing blizzards blowing over the snowy mountains, players have to find shelter. And keep the fires burning to stay warm. But here’s the catch – the crackling bonfires also give away your exact location on the map. So enemies know where to find you while you are trying to survive the blizzard.

Here’s how to ensure a win on Cold Front Survival

– The Arctic Mode has you chasing not only the safe zone, but also a safe spot for you to take shelter before the blizzard arrives. So, it is extremely important for you to be fast and speed up on your loot hunt as you forage through locations. There is a ski option available in the game enabling faster movement in the snow. Use it as much as you can because you cannot outpace a blizzard by running. The other advantage of using the snowboard is that you can dodge a bullet by skiing away from your enemy.

– The snowstorm can be used as an opportunity to rush in on unsuspecting enemies waiting for the blizzard to blow over. Look up the map to identify enemy locations indicated by the burning bonfires. Use the heater to maintain body temperature as you step out into the blizzard and move in on your enemies while they are still holed up inside their safe spots. Skills and squad coordination play a critical role here; beware of enemies who might already be waiting to take you down in an ambush.

– The drone is undoubtedly one of the most fun items to use in Cold Front Survival. But one needs to use it intelligently to locate and take down enemies. Launching it from open spaces or rooftops makes you an easy target for snipers. So choose a safe place to begin with. Also, it is recommended that you have your squad member watch your back while you operate the drone. This way you can tackle enemies coming at you from behind. Avoid unnecessary use of the drone since it comes with limited power only and may soon run out of juice.

– Collect items such as branches, warm packs, heaters, and of course, consumables to survive Cold Front Survival. Heat packs are super helpful in maintaining body temperature in case you are caught outside in the blizzard. Then there are the chickens scattered across the map. Shoot and store them till you can cook them on the bonfire during the snowstorm. The meat helps you gain immunity from the cold. Other consumables like energy drink and painkillers are necessary since one needs to restore health frequently in this mode.



The new Arctic Mode or Cold Front Survival on PUBG Mobile is all about extreme survival, including fighting against two elements–enemies, and hypothermia–with the best way to stay alive being to find shelter in the form of a shelter. The other advantage of using the snowboard is