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Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI), has permanently banned 66,000 cheating accounts between March 28 and April 3. Krafton announced that it had permanently removed 66,233 accounts (BGMI) from the game between March 28th and April 3 to crack down on accounts using unauthorised third party programs.

Krafton announced the announcement in a blog post. Krafton stated that Battlegrounds Mobile India would work to put in place strong sanctions to eradicate the illegal use of programs. Krafton also posted a list of accounts it had banned from the game over the past week. The entire list can be viewed here.

This isn’t the first time Krafton has permanently banned accounts of BGMI for breaking its policies. The company had previously banned 22,013 accounts between March 21 and March 27, as well as 7,057 accounts between March 14 and March 20. Krafton banned 1,22,766 accounts of BGMI from March 6 through April 3.

The biggest crackdown was between January 24th and February 6, when IT banned 171,188 accounts. Krafton banned 5,69,420 accounts permanently from BGMI between January 3rd and April 3.

The bans form part of a stringent policy that was announced by the company last year to prevent accounts from using illegal software. The company had previously banned accounts from the game. Gamers with banned accounts could still play the game by creating a new account. Krafton, however, announced in December that the account would be banned along with the device. This effectively bans gamers from using illegal methods. The company announced that although sanctions had been applied only to accounts up until now, the ban on mobile devices would make fair gaming far more efficient.