Qualcomm India partners with MeiTY’s C-DAC to help Indian chipset startups

Qualcomm India will conduct a Qualcomm Semiconductor mentorship program 2022 to select Indian startups in the semiconductor industry. This program will provide mentorship and technical training for startup companies and outreach to the industry.

Qualcomm India announced this year a partnership with C-DAC. C-DAC is an independent scientific society of MeiTY, Government of India. C-DAC will act as an outreach partner and help startups get exposure. Under this collaboration, C-DAC and Qualcomm India plan to help in innovation, product development, technical advancements, and intellectual-property-driven innovation.

What criteria will be used to select startups?

Qualcomm India will select up to 10 Indian startups for QSMP2022. For mentorship in product planning and design, each startup shortlisted will be assigned to a Qualcomm India leadership.

Both the mentor and startup will be meeting on a regular basis, either online or in-person. Qualcomm India will also facilitate “Masterclass” workshops for the shortlisted startups on semiconductor design aspects such as design, testing, and verification packaging, as well as on non-technical topics such as pitches, IPR, marketing, government incentives/opportunities, and scaling up teams.

C-DAC India and Qualcomm India will help these startups reach government officials through webinars, tradeshows or meetings.

The partnership’s objectives

This partnership will reduce innovation risks and accelerate business development. In addition, the partnership will assist semiconductor startup companies in developing soft skills and knowledge base.

Create platforms and forums that provide opportunities to work with high-growth-potential small businesses and startups who have potentially disruptive technologies that could develop or reshape semiconductor supply chains in the future.

Rajen Vagadia is the VP and President, Qualcomm India & SAARC. He stated, “The demand for domestic solutions has been underlined by the semiconductor supply chain. The Government offers incentives to Indian semiconductor startup companies. Semiconductors form an important building block of most connected technology platforms. Qualcomm India will help Indian semiconductor startups harness the engineering and design talent of India to create innovations to power an intelligent, connected future.

E. Magesh Director General C-DAC stated, “The growth of other industries is dependent on the semiconductor industry.” With the help of Government programmes like “Make in India” or the Design Linked Incentive scheme (DLI), we encourage Indian startups to get involved and fulfill the projected demand for semiconductors. Both established businesses and new startups have the opportunity to benefit from both the global and local environments. We will be able to interact with and help scale up the top Indian startups in semiconductor technology through the joint venture with Qualcomm India.



Qualcomm India, an electronics company, is conducting a mentorship program to help Indian startups in the semiconductor industry. The 10 selected startups will have regular meetings with mentors and will be given training in different fields including product development and design. Qualcomm India partnered with C-DAC and will reach out