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Realme launched recently a smartwatch as part of its TechLife brand. Realme Watch S100 is a smartwatch that features a touchscreen colour screen, a SpO2 sensor, and skin temperature sensors. The Realme Watch S100 lets you take images from far away with your smartphone’s camera, all for a very affordable price of Rs 2,500.

Realme’s Realme Watch S100 aims to make smartwatches affordable to all. The watch’s low price and feature-rich design allow it to achieve this, at least in theory. It is not clear if the company is capable of delivering on those promises.

The Realme Techlife Watch S100 has been in my possession for nearly a month now. I am impressed with its ability to do some things, but it also comes up against many challenges. The display, for example, is responsive and bright but fails to work under direct sunlight. In the review, we will discuss these and other aspects of this smartwatch. Keep reading.

Display and design

Realme Techlife Watch S100 has a design very similar to Realme Watch 2. The 1.69 inch colour touchscreen screen displays a large resolution of 240×240 pixels. It features a metallic finish and thin bezels along its sides. The box contains a silicone strap to attach the dial to. Although the quality of this watch is not exceptional, you have many options. The power button is located on the right side of your watch. This controls power and standby. You can also use it to navigate the app menu.

This smartwatch is crystal clear. It works perfectly. The brightness drops when the smartwatch is placed under direct sunlight. You will need to adjust the brightness manually when outside.

The Realme Techlife Watch S100 has a slightly smaller bezel than the Realme Watch 2. This gives the watch a larger screen.

Its touchscreen screen makes the experience very smooth and allows you to quickly switch screens. It is easy to read emails and messages thanks to the large dial that clearly displays notifications.

The smartwatch feels light and comfortable throughout the day. The premium feeling is lacking. You can’t really expect too much of a smartwatch in this price range.

Image: Realme


The Realme Techlife Watch S100 smartwatch excels in performance. The smartwatch has a variety of health-tracking functions, including a heart monitor, SpO2 level monitor and accelerometer. The heart-rate sensor, skin temperature sensor and pedometer measure vitals with accuracy and are very close to standard temperature guns. However, the pedometer is often inaccurate. Step count accuracy can vary from 500 to 800 steps for every 10,000 steps.

You can also track your exercise with the smartwatch’s various sport modes, such as running, biking, badminton, and yoga. The modes can track your exercise very accurately. Realme Techlife Watch S100 has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. This allows it to link with your phone to keep track of your walks, runs and cycles using your GPS.

Realme Techlife Watch S100 has more than 110 watch faces, in addition to its health monitoring features. The Realme Fit app is free to download for both Android and iOS. You can easily change the watch faces. The app gives you an overview of all vitals it measured. This includes heart rate, sleep track data and SpO2 data.

It was extremely difficult to set up the Realme TechLife Watch S100. I had to make several attempts to link the watch to the app. The QR code for the Smartwatch was not scannable so I had to set it up manually via Realme Fit. It had to be done manually.

Other watch features include music controls that allow you to play, stop, or pause tracks. There is also a find my number feature and alerts.


Realme Techlife Watch S100’s battery is one of its most notable features. Realme claims that the battery can last 12 days with a single charge. However, my experience shows that it depends entirely on how you use it. The watch was able to run for around 7-8 days when I utilized the SpO2 constant heart rate, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and continuous SpO2.

A magnetic dock can charge the smartwatch from a computer or laptop via USB. It also acts as a powerbank in low-power mode. To fully charge my watch from 0 to 100, it took about 2 hours.


The Realme TechLife Watch S100, at Rs 2,499.9 is an acceptable entry-level product. The watch is lightweight and has good build quality. The user interface of the smartwatch is very intuitive. The Realme Fit app is a key feature of this smartwatch. If you are looking for a basic feature-packed smartwatch, I believe the Realme Techlife Watch S100 is a great choice.

There are still some things that could be improved, such as auto-tuning brightness and better accuracy for the health tracker features. The Realme TechLife Watch S100 is a great option for budget-minded buyers and people just beginning their fitness journey.



Realme has launched a smartwatch at an affordable price. It features a touchscreen colour screen, up to 12 day battery life and an SpO2 sensor. The sensor can also detect skin temperature.