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There are four ways to make the coronavirus alarm caller song more appealing or fun. You will need to activate JioTunes which is being provided free to Jio customers. Reliance Jio users can create a caller song using either the MyJio app or IVR. The telecom operator allows JioTune to be copied from other Jio customers.

If you are unable to find the song you want in MyJio, you may try the JioSavan application. The company claims that the JioTunes library contains over 4 lakh songs, from which to choose your JioTune. Learn more how to set Jio’s caller song.

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What is the best way to make a Jio caller song?

Method 1

First, download the MyJio App from Google Play Store and App Store.

Second Step: Launch the MyJio App and choose ‘JioTunes from helpful links’.

Step 3 Watch the preview, then select “Set as JioTune.”

Step 4 – Receive a confirmation screen and a SMS upon activation

Method 2

Step 1. Call 56789 to the Jio Number on which you want to establish the JioTune.

Step 2 Choose the song you want from the Top Songs list to be your JioTune.

Method 3

First Step: Text an SMS with 3 of the lyrics to the album/film/song of your choice, to 56789 (toll free).

Second Step: An SMS will be sent to you with the song list that matches your input. Instructions will be provided on how to make the JioTune song you choose. You can also SMS the word “JT”, to 56789, and receive instructions.

How do I copy JioTune from another Jio user

First Step: Press * before you answer the phone.

Second Step: After confirming your consent, you will receive an SMS.

Step 3 – Please reply to the SMS below with “Y” within 30 minutes. The JioTune you have selected will activate on your Jio phone