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OnePlus announced a partnership agreement with JioPages in order to provide OnePlus TV users with a more efficient, ad-free and feature-rich browsing experience. JioPages offers a better browsing experience for OnePlus TV users through a quicker Chromium engine transfer that keeps up with the latest web trends while keeping your browsing data secure.

OnePlus will offer a quicker web page rendering and consistent desktop-like user experience. It also plans to improve its voice search capabilities on TVs by partnering with Google.

The latest JioPages version will allow OnePlus TV users unlimited access to all global content thanks to two new features, Secure Mode and VPN. VPN support is available, but the security mechanism ‘Secure Mode’ will prevent third-party tracking or any unwanted browser advertisements. Users will be able to use the app in Hindi and Marathi as well as Tamil and Gujarati.

OnePlus TV owners can also browse the most popular websites in various categories with one click, and then add their favorite sites as Quicklinks to the home screen. Quicklinks will allow you to access a variety of Jio-specific content like JioMart and JioCinema. OnePlus users can also access curated videos in a range of categories, with personalized recommendations.

OnePlus TV owners can choose from 3 browsing modes: Standard Mode, Private Mode and a student-friendly Study Mode. This mode provides a class-wise curation along with suggestions for channel channels.

It’s worth noting, that OnePlus saw a 300% YoY increase from 2020-2021. According to Counterpoint Research reports, OnePlus ranked among the five top smart TV brands in India in Quarter 4 2021.



Oneplus has partnered with JioPages in order to provide a more efficient, ad-free and feature-rich Oneplus TV browser experience. OnePlus hopes to offer a better browsing experience and a consistent desktop experience through the partnership. OnePlus TV owners can also browse the OnePlus TV site.