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Today, we will examine the background of this sailor. Which pirate did you go over? Which pirate version? It’s difficult to remember which one came first. Technically, the pirate is the first. I believe that the sailor was actually the original. But i don’t really think it matters so much they’re considered two separate dnd backgrounds by almost every metric. They share the same description and mechanics, but the feature is different. Before we move on here if you haven’t checked out our updated background series yet you can check out from this link now let’s dive into the description here.


It’s been many years that you had been sailed on the seagoing vessel. You were exposed to many dangers, including storms and monsters deep below the sea. There were also those who wanted to sink your craft. This background is a dnd. The distant horizon is your first love. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you can move on to something else.

This is also first background from the might nine as i’m sure lot of you know. It’s pretty pretty good overall, it’s usefulness may vary but it’s description is really nice. Now let’s take a look at its mechanics here now.

  • Skill Proficiencies Athletics, Perception
  • Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s tools, vehicles (water)
  • Languages: None
  • Equipment: A belaying pin (club), 50ft silk rope, a lucky charm such as a rabbitfoot (or small stone with a hole in the middle), common clothes and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Skill proficiencies enable you to improve your perception and athletic skills. This can be very useful. Navigation tools and water vehicles are two examples of tool proficiencies. You can also purchase equipment such as a belaying pen and 50 feet silk rope. Lucky charms, common clothes, and an item that holds 10 gp are all available. This brings you in line with average. Overall it’s really nice and it’s usefulness may vary based on the campaign, if you’re just on like a solid land continent. Odds are the using water vehicles isn’t really going to be super useful. The navigator’s tools in general i find to be quite nice especially if the party is traveling without guides or ferryman or what have you. But overall it’s quite nice. The athletics and perception are both incredible skills to have by the way and taking a look at the equipment, it’s fine you know there is nothing really worth bragging about but it is yeah it’s fine.

You must discuss the nature of a ship which you’ve previously sailed by your DM. Some of the questions raised at your DM are….

It was either a merchant vessel or a navy vessel. Is it well-known or not? Is it well-known? Is it still used?

What were your duties on board – boatswain, captain, navigator, cook, or some other position? Who was the captain or first mate on the ship? Is it you and your crew on the run?

Suggested Characteristics

The sailor 5e background may appear rough, but the responsibilities of life aboard a vessel can make them trustworthy. They can have a profound effect on their outlook and that can help them to form the most important attachments.

Personality traits

D8Personality traits
1My friends have confidence in me, and they know they can count on me regardless of the circumstances.
2I work hard, so that I can have fun when it’s over.
3I love sailing to new destinations and making new friends over a beer flagon.
4To tell a good tale, I will distort the truth.
5To me, a tavern brawl is a wonderful way to get to know another place.
6I won’t pass up the chance to win a friendly wager.
7My language is as bad as a nest.
8I love a job well done, especially if it can be done by someone else.


1Respect. Respect is what binds a ship together. (Good)
2Fairness. Fairness. Everyone works hard so that we all share the rewards. (Lawful)
3Freedom. Freedom can be found in the sea. It’s freedom. (Chaotic)
4Mastery. I am a predator, and other ships are my prey. (Evil)
5People. I am committed not only to my ideals but to my crewmates. (Neutral)
6Aspiration. Aspiration. (Any)


1I will always be loyal to my captain and all other things second.
2The ship is most important – crewmates and captains come and go.
3My first boat will be the one I remember forever.
4My paramour in a harbour city almost took me from the sea.
5I was cheated and should get my fair share of the profits. I am determined to get my money back.
6Rugged pirates took my captain, crewmates and stole our ship. Then they left me to die. I will seek revenge.


1I will obey orders even if they seem unfair to me.
2I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid additional work.
3No matter what the circumstance, I won’t let anyone doubt my courage.
4Once I have started to drink, it is difficult for me not to continue.
5I keep all trinkets and coins that I find in my pockets.
6My pride is most likely to lead to my ruin.

Overall this would just be a pretty fun character to play, very simply motivated by money which isn’t inherently a bad thing it makes the dungeon masters job way easier, and the end goal is to purchase your own ship and sail whatever. However many seas you’ve in your world i really like that a lot, because it provides a kind of end goal for the character that doesn’t like completely remove them from the world. So using that they can actually become an NPC in future games which is something i love to do and i love to see when other DM’s do it as well. It really helps give the party the impression that they’re building the world around them. It’s really a neat stuff.

Now let’s move along to the feature here. The feature for the sailor is called ship’s passage and this is opposed to the pirates feature of bad reputation. In any case ship’s passage reads as followed.

Feature: Ship’s Passage

No matter where you are going, there is still a way to get on a sailboat. You might be sailed on a ship that you’ve served on, or else another ship that you have best relationships with in a good way (probably one captained by a former crewmate). Just because that you’re calling in the favor and also you can not be certain of the schedule or else the route that will meet your each and every need. The time it takes to get to your destination will be determined by your DM. You were required to help a crew member during your voyage in order to get your free passage.

Also, please read house agent 5e background

Excellent stuff. This will help you sail on your seafaring adventures. Proxy may allow you to add a few more men. That being said though it’s usefulness is gonna vary based on the style of campaign you’re running and i think that’s why the pirate variant really exists but. I don’t know let me know what you think down beneath in the comment section.

This is definitely going to be one of the things that you’re going to one of the things that you’re going to chat with your DM about before taking. Just because if they’re not really planning on you guys going on a boat like you’re restricted to a landlocked continent for example.

You’re really not going to see any usefulness out of this and it’s i’m not going to say it’s going to hurt your party but it’s going to make you feel less useful which i think is even worse right?

Variant Sailor: Pirate

Your youth/young life has been spent in the hands of the dread Pirate as well the brutal cutthroats that taught you how to survive the world of sharks. You’ve been indulged in the larceny on some high seas and also they sent more than a deserving soul for the briny grave. Although the fear and bloodshed these are no strangers to you, and also you’ve been garnered a somewhat unsavory reputation in many of the port town.

Whenever if you’ve decided that your sailing career has been involved the piracy, which you can chose to the bad reputation feature which has mentioned below instead of Ship’s Passage feature.

Variant Feature – Bad Reputation

Actually, this dnd 5e sailor background has feature along with the ship’s passage which is called bad reputation and your character which has this background then you may be chose this bad reputation background feature instead of another feature of this background.

No matter where or how you travel, your reputation will be what people fear. When you’re in the civilized settlement and also you can get away by the minor criminal offenses, like refusing to pay for the food at the tavern or else breaking down the doors at the local shop, but since most of the people those will not report your activity to the authorities.

Now let’s take a look at my personal thoughts about the sailor.


At a glance it’s pretty good overall. That being said though it’s usefulness is very campaign dependent. So chat with your DM about it as i’ve been mentioned earlier. That’s really the best course of action because if you’re not going to be near any major bodies of water. I’m going to probably push you towards the pirate. If you want, you can keep the same traits.

That being said though, i don’t know let me know what you think down beneath in the comment section. Share any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about the sailor. Please share any stories or other ideas.