Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022: How to watch event in the metaverse today

Tonight is the launch party Galaxy Unpacked2022 by Samsung. For obvious reasons the event will take place virtually. There are many live streaming options available, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However, Samsung offers the possibility to stream the event in real time in the metaverse.

It is difficult to get into the metaverse.

Although the metaverse may seem like an obscure area of interest, it is actually not that difficult. You will need to have a few additional things in order to fully experience the metaverse. There is an alternative option called ‘Guest’ that allows you to experience the metaverse without having to download additional software or create new accounts.

What is the best way to see Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 in the Metaverse

Decentraland is required to see the Samsung event in person within the Metaverse. Decentraland is a virtual place that operates using Blockchain technology.

You’ll find an Explore button at the top of Decentraland once you have visited it. Click on this option to see the Explore button.

Play with your wallet: To use this option, you’ll need to either create a MetaMask account or log in using an existing MetaMask account. This option will allow you to buy NFTs or other digital assets during the event.

Play as a Guest: You can play this version by simply signing in with your name. You can customize your avatar by logging in to Decentraland. The event will end when you are dropped off at the Samsung 837X location.