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An earlier rumour had it that the Apple iPhone 13 would have satellite connectivity. Now, however, we expect that the iPhone 14 series will also include this technology for SOS or emergency purposes. It is possible that the next Apple Watch will also have this technology. Satellite connectivity allows users to send text messages to emergency contact even if they don’t have cellular coverage.

Satellite connectivity will be the next feature of Apple Watch

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who published the newsletter Power On, stated that “the next Apple Watch will get this functionality.” It could be released in the current year, or even 2023 according to Gurman. It is probable that Apple will launch at least three smartwatches this year, and satellite connectivity may be included in at least one.

According to his statement, there have been indications lately that Apple’s apparent satellite partner Globalstar Inc. may be closer to the launch of such a feature. Globalstar announced in February that it had reached an agreement with Globalstar to purchase 17 satellites for powering ‘continuous satellite service’ to a potential customer (unnamed) who has paid hundreds of millions.

Apple will launch 3 Apple Watch models in 2013: the standard Apple Watch, an SE and a rugged model that can be used for extreme sports. Satellite connectivity is likely to be available on the rugged and standard models.

According to an older report, the Apple iPhone 14 will have this feature this year. The “Emergency message via contacts” feature will be available. This would enable users to quickly send text messages to emergency service personnel and contact over satellite networks when there’s no cellular coverage. Gray bubbles would be used to indicate the new protocol in the Messages app.

The rumoured addition of satellite connectivity to the Apple Watch will be a highlight of the smartwatch.


It can also be used within that area with any other carrier that supports Apple Watch. 22-Mar-2021

You can send and receive iMessages, SMS and make and take phone calls if your Apple Watch GPS has a Wi Fi connection. Are you concerned about weather conditions? Do you worry about the weather?

Apple Watch Series 2 or later, and Apple Watch SE are equipped with GPS. This allows for more precise distance and speed data during outdoor training without the need to pair your iPhone. 5. Compass is compatible with Apple Watch Series 5 or later, and Apple Watch SE.17 September 2020

You can stay connected even if you aren’t at your phone. Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE cell models have active service plans that allow you to send and receive texts, make phone calls and much more without the need for an iPhone.


Apple will launch three smartwatches with satellite connectivity this year. The next Apple Watch may be one of these models. It could come out as early as 2020, or even later in 2023.