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We welcome adventurers of all sizes! Welcome to my spellbook. We are grateful that you have watched the 46th episode of our feats series. Is your character one that’s how shall we say inclined to swing for the fences, inclined to throw temper tantrums or anything like that? If that sounds your character or if you’re just a person who rules very poorly on their attack roles then this feat could be for you. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at savage attacker 5e featThis information can be found in the players’ handbook. I recommend it highly. Let’s take a look at the description here. So we can understand the wording and then we’ll break it down a little bit later.


It is important to note that you don’t need any prior knowledge for this feat. This feat is open to all races, classes and skill levels. It looks something like this.

Once per the turn whenever you do roll the damage for the melee weapon attack, also you able to re-roll the weapon’s damage dice and even use either it’s total.

This is some great stuff. that being said, let’s take a look at the walkthrough and break this down you know a little bit more.


It’s honestly really hard to simplify if further that in already is reason being it’s a sentence. You can reroll melee weapons damage and melee weapons attack once per round. So What that means kinda sorta is it’s the attack damage equivalent of advantage and disadvantage because you get the pick right!

Let’s say you hit right! Next, roll again to see if your one-dice was perfect. Let’s say your damage die is a d8. You would roll essentially one d8 if you didn’t like the total you could roll another die and then pick between the two d8. This is amazing! that being said let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


This one I like for several reasons. But then, it doesn’t appeal to me for one. So i’ll get into why i dislike it first. The name “savage attack” is too harsh for its intended purpose. You will face situations where you don’t want to do too much damage.

Let’s say something like this for example. Let’s say you and another ally are creating a distraction by fighting or let’s say you are an entertainer and you need to draw the fight for as long as possible to get the most or let’s have to throw a fight but you have to make it look like you’re trying.

This would be a great option if you pick the less harmful of the two damage death options. This is a great method to reduce damage. I think that’s super useful and very very creative way to use it.


That being said, you could also use it to gain the most damage possible i’ve seen a lot of people use this feat. I want to say it’s probably second or third most popular out there. That being said if you have any alternative uses, any crazy ways to use it, any combinations or any cool stories involving savage attacker i’d really like to hear them down in the comments beneath. I wish you a happy day.