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We welcome adventurers of all sizes. Welcome to my spellbook. Thank you for watching our 47th episode. Today we’re going to be looking at another racial exclusive feat. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at dnd 5e Second chance feat this is absolutely perfect for those characters who just don’t like getting hit or who have a need not to get hit. We’ll get into that a little more later and it is found in the 75th page of xanathar’s guide to everything book. If you do not own this already i’d highly recommend it, xanathar’s has a ton of great content in it. You can find some of my most favorite feats, and spells in it. With that out of the way let’s take a look at the description here.


You must first have a prerequisite. Halfling is one we-type pseudohobbit. As you can see from previous entries, this halfling is well-known for being very luck. That being said let’s take a look at the description.

Prerequisites: Halfling

This Second Chance DnD5E states that Fortune favors those who try to strike you. The following benefits are also available to you:

  • You can increase your Charisma, Dexterity and Constitution by 1 up to maximum 20,
  • If you strike a creature with an attack roll, you can use your reaction as a way to make it reroll. You can’t use this ability again once you have used it, except for when you roll initiative at combat’s beginning or during a brief or long rest.

Wow, you know not super long i’m how much did pretty surprise with that. In any case let’s take a look at the walkthrough here and kind of break it down a little bit further.


It is easy to understand how the +1 constitution, charisma, or constitution works. First and foremost you’re gonna want to pick whichever one has the closest to your abilities for a modifier increase in and then after that you’re gonna want to go with whatever ones kind of more important to your character at least at that current moment.

If you’re a caster and you’re probably gonna neither one constitution or charisma if you’re a melee fighter or dex based fighter the very least you’re gonna want dexterity to your constitution. It makes perfect sense.

The second part of this feat is very interesting. Your reaction to a creature attacking you can cause them to roll it to make it miss. Now it’s tricky because you don’t get to pick which number they go off of, you just totally make an enroll.

So there is a slight chance that of they hit you the first time, they’re gonna hit you again or possibly even crit you. So it’s user with with a grain of salt alright! It could kill you, even though your call was wonderful. The best thing about your call? You can always use it again.

You can only use this feat once per day. This feat can be used once per combat encounter if you roll initiative correctly. I think that’s very handy and i think it is the most redeeming part of this feat.

I can honestly say that there are times when i would rather have this than the fortunate feat. actually i don’t know, nothing it kind of depends. In any case let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it and kind of explain who gets the most out of this.


Are you curious to see who gets the biggest bang? Concentrating on concentration spells, castors. Reason being casters if you’re running low on spells slots the last thing you want to do is burn a reaction based attack.

It may be more practical to have this handy. You don’t need it to be used three times a day. It can be used only once per encounter. This is better for its durability. Especially, if you’re not in a combat to combat type of gameplay where all your games like very combat focused.

Not saying there’s anything wrong with that just saying that would probably the best circumstances to use second chance. The only other character that might benefit from this is one that doesn’t use their reaction a whole lot. Rogues for example don’t typically abuse it as much as other classes do. So for this reason second chance feat could work though really good in  a rogue.


That said, If you have any comments, any ideas, any combinations, any character ideas, or any cool stories involving second chance 5e feat i’d really like to hear them down in the comments beneath and i know everyone else checking this article would as well. Have a joyful and wonderful adventure.