Shadow Fight Arena PvP tips and tricks: How to beat your opponent in seconds

Shadow Fight Arena has been around for a while and chances are that you may have been an ace at it. Completing the missions or defeating other human opponents just for passing time within the day is great for the experts. But what if you aren’t an expert? What if you struggle to get back at those who don’t ley you survive for even a minute?

Thankfully, you have come to the right place. We have been playing Shadow Fight Arena for some time and have figured out a few easy tricks to gain some wins easily. Most of these are based on player skills that you need to accumulate over time. That said, some of these can definitely help you catch your opponent by surprise.

Hence, if you are tired of the same old Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG Mobile drama, and love the simplistic Shadow Fight combats, here are some clever tricks to keep in mind.

Shadow Fight Arena PvP tips and tricks


Timing is key in Shadow Fight Arena. While skills dictate most of this, it is ideal if you wait for the opponent to finish his/her attack while you stay blocked. As soon as the attack stops, hit the attack button immediately. This will deal a serious blow and reduce the life by a massive margin. Characters with swords are the best for this move.

Get closer

Yes, the best way to cut your enemy down is to get closer. This way, your ranged attacks can deal more damage. However, do note that they can also do the same and you might be vulnerable if not ready.

Choose variety

Every character has its own advantage and disadvantage. Try to have a combination that works for most players, i.e., one with swords, one with the ability to punch, and one who’s agile.

Use Shadow Energy carefully

This is tricky. While your shadow energy may fill up, it is wise to wait and use it only when the other player is exhausted, or not anticipating your move. Plan your shadow energy moves ahead by analyzing the opponent’s movement patterns.

Movement is key

Yes, it is foolish to stay at one spot and be pushed around. Those directional keys can be helpful to dodge attacks. You can always roll away from close proximity melee attacks. Did you know that double-pressing the arrow key towards the enemy will help you dodge close-range attacks?

Be ruthless

Fighting is all about being ruthless. Try to attack your opponent in quick succession so as to not let him/her get back to you. Use ranged attacks, shadow energy and melee attacks to deal as much damage as you can.

Exhaust time

This is unfair but a clever way to defeat the powerful ones. If you can’t defeat a strong player, just ensure you keep more health levels than him/her and stay away. Once the timer runs out, you can win the round if you have more life left.


This may sound stupid but kicking is a great way to push back aggressive players dealing attack in closed range. Kicks can often unsettle players and give you the chance to fight back with ferocity.