Simple steps to allow two WhatsApp accounts on one Android smartphone

Dual-SIM support gives Android users the option to run multiple apps simultaneously from one window. Although it is easy to handle calls from both phones, dual-SIM support makes it more difficult. WhatsApp, the number one instant messaging app and used by millions of people worldwide has many useful features. But, Facebook (cough!) has some limitations. The Meta app, which is owned by Facebook, has some limitations. It doesn’t allow multiple accounts, and you can only have one WhatsApp account per number.

Mobile manufacturers offer a solution. They allow you to run two different versions of an app from your Android phone. This functionality is available on all Android phones, including those made by Xiaomi, Samsung and Oppo. This feature allows us to use two apps on one phone without having to have a different phone. If you’re unable to locate it, this is a quick guide.

Xiaomi – Settings > Apps


Settings > Advanced features > Dual Messenger


Settings > Utilities> Parallel Apps


Settings > App management > App cloner


Settings > App Cloner


Settings > Apps and Notifications > App Clone

Here’s how you can enable dual WhatsApp accounts on an Android phone

What is the best way to use two WhatsApps on one device?

Step 1: Open Settings, then look for Dual/Parallel/App Clone on your device.

Step 2: Once you have found the WhatsApp app, you’ll see a toggle. Turn it on

Step 3: Wait for the process complete

Step 4: Now, go to your home screen and tap the second WhatsApp icon with a small marking.

Step 5: Tap on the app to open the WhatsApp setup screen

Step 6: Press the Continue and Agree buttons

Step 7: Add your number to the form. You will then receive an OTP. If you enable two-step verification, you’ll need that code.

Step 8 – After completing the setup, you’ll be asked to confirm it. Once you are done, your Android smartphone will allow you to access the second account.