Simple steps to capture a screen shot on your PC

You might need to grab a screenshot of the web page to include it in your presentation, or to snap a picture from the clip for sharing it on social networks. There are many screen capture tools built in to the desktop OS. Windows 11 stable is now available, however, most users are still waiting to upgrade. This depends, among other things, on the hardware and age of your device.

Those who are lucky enough to have the updated can still enjoy the benefits. It’s an entirely new chapter in Windows OS 11, but taking screenshots with Windows 11 is just as easy as before.

Here are some ways to quickly capture screenshots of important files on your computer.

Simple steps to capture a screen shot on your PC

PrtScn key

To take a screen shot on your computer’s screen, press the “Print Screen” key. This will bring up the Print Screen label which you can find in the upper row next to the Function keys. This option allows you to copy the whole screen to your clipboard. The screenshot can be pasted into any program that displays images, such as Paint or MS Word by pressing Ctrl+V.

Windows Key + PrtScr To capture an entire screenshot of your screen, you will need to save it as a file. Then you can use this technique. The entire screen will become darker after hitting the keys. A new PNG file will then be created in the Pictures/Screenshots directory.

Tool for snipping

You can take screenshots with this utility tool that Windows 10 offers. To do this, open the Snipping Tool in Windows 10. The screen will be frozen when you click the New option. You can take a screenshot by using your mouse. The Snipping Tool will display the image. After you’re done, click “File” and click “Save as”. This will save your screenshot to your desktop.

Gaming Bar

To snap a screenshot, you can use the Gamebar by pressing the Windows key + the G key. If you’re in the middle or a game, this method can be useful. Go to Settings > Gaming > Gamebar and set your Game bar keyboard shortcut.