Smuggler Background 5E

Hello adventurers ! Welcome to our official website of the dnd. We are grateful for your encouragement to create more background content. For as long as there has been stuff, there have been people who have been telling you not to have certain stuff and so long as that has been a thing there have been people who have been telling you that they can get you the stuff that other people don’t want you to have. This is the background. We’re talking about the smuggler and this is our last background found in the ghosts of saltmarsh adventure module and it’s probably the most useful as far as i can tell. In any case before we dive right on in, if you haven’t checked out other backgrounds yet and you would like to check all of them then click right here. In any case let’s dive right into the smuggler 5e saltmarsh by first taking a look at its description.


Smuggler dnd background on a particular rickety barge, you would be carried a hundred longswords in the fish barrels right past the dock master’s oblivious lackeys. A riverboat filled with stolen elven wine was paddled by you and sold for twice the value in the mean time. You have helped herd animals get to safety along the rivers banks, either by transporting them out of war zones or helping them with their charitable work.

  • Skill Proficiencies Athletics, Deception
  • Tool ProficienciesVehicles (water).
  • EquipmentA fancy leather vest, or pair of leather boots, common clothes, and a pouch made of leather with 15 gp

Feature: Down Low

You’re an acquainted with the network of different types of smugglers those who are interesting to help you out of the tight situations. While within a specific town, city, or even someother similarly sized community (DM’s discretion), you and also your companions could be stay for free of cost in the various safe houses. Safe houses provide poor people a place to live. However, it was staying in the safest place you could choose to keep your presense (and that your companions’) a secret.

Claim Fame

Every smuggler has a unique tale that sets them apart from other criminals. By the wits, sailing skill, or a silver tongue, you lived to tell the story – and of course you can tell it frequently. To determine all your claims, or to choose the one that fits your character best, you can use the table below.

d6 Accomplishment
1 Spirit of the Whale: The body of a dead Whale was pulled behind a fishing vessel to smuggle stolen dwarven spirits. You delivered the goods and the corpse burst into flames, sending whiskey bottles and whale meat for half a kilometre.
2 Cart and sword: You drove a cart full of stolen art through the middle a battlefield, while singing sea songs to confuse the combatants.
3 The Recruit: This is when you enlist in a foreign navy to steal stolen jewels from a distant port. Before you were able to leave the navy, you attained a minor rank and made your way to this place.
4 River of Shadows: Your riverboat was accidentally blocked by the Shadowfell’s veil and spent several hours in the Shadowfell. Before you left, you had to sell some dragonborn artifacts that you stole before you could return to the plane and start paddling home.
5 Gold-Hearted. You agreed to transport a family fleeing war. You gave all of your gold to the guards to allow you to pass, as the baby started to cry at a checkpoint. This gesture was never discovered by the family.
6 Playing both sides: Once you smuggled crossbow bolts and arrow bundles to one side of a regional war. Your trickery was not discovered by the buyers, who arrived within minutes of each other.

Suggested Characteristics

The smugglers are generally good at survival and making a profit. One could take a part of a larger organization or run their own small smuggling vessel. They live in lies and have the natural ability to recall every lie and half-truth they have ever told.

Personality traits

d8 Personality traits
1 I enjoy being on the water, but I hate fishing.
2 I see everything as having monetary value.
3 I don’t stop smiling.
4 Nothing scares me, I can tell a lie for every occasion.
5 I love gold, but I won’t cheat my friend.
6 It’s fun to do things that others would consider impossible.
7 When I see the sun rising over the ocean, I feel a little giddy.
8 I am not a common criminal, I am a mastermind.


d6 Ideal
1 Wealth Heaps of coins kept in a safe vault are all that I can dream of. (Any)
2 Smugglers Code I adhere to the unwritten rules and regulations of smugglers. They do not cheat or harm innocents. (Lawful)
3 If it makes me a profit, I will do almost anything for a coin. (Evil)
4 Peace and Prosperity are the only things I am willing to risk my life for. (Good)
5 People Despite my many lies I value friendship above all else. (Any)
6 Daring I am most satisfied when I take on everything. (Any)


d6 Bond
1 My vessel was stolen from my hand, and I feel the need to retrieve it.
2 I want to lead the network of smugglers I belong to.
3 I owe a huge debt that cannot be paid in gold
4 After one last job, my retirement from the business is imminent.
5 I was tricked and robbed by a fellow smuggler. That thief will be found.
6 I give most my profits to charity and don’t like to boast about it.


d6 Flaw
1 Lying is reflexive and something I do without realizing.
2 I am prone to evaluate my relationships in terms profit and loss.
3 I believe everyone has to pay a price. Therefore, I find it hard to accept the virtuous.
4 It is difficult for me to believe the words of others.
5 Only a few people know who I really am.
6 Despite my charm, I don’t feel anything for other people and I don’t know what friendship means.