Snap’s Mini Drone Pixy can help you take perfect selfies

Snap Inc first introduced Spectacles in 2017. It was designed to help users capture better and more engaging video. The company introduced pixy, a small drone in order to help users take selfies and snap videos.

Snap Inc’s Pixy is easy to set up and doesn’t come with an additional controller. The drone comes equipped with a small dial-like control. This allows you to choose from five predetermined paths. The Hover mode allows Pixy to hover in front of a user and act as their photographer. Orbit lets it circle around the user, Reveal let’s it fly back and reveal users, and Follow will allow it to follow them through your world. Favourite is where this mini-drone can complete a 10-second Hover using photo-only mode.

Snap Inc claims that Pixy is capable of making five to eight flights with the default flight modes if it has a full charge. After it completes its flight, it can transfer to Snapchat Memories wirelessly via a Land feature.

Snap Inc. Image

The storage capacity of the Pixy is 16GB. This allows it to store 100 videos and 1000 photos simultaneously, according to company claims. Pixy will not be able take off if the storage space is full. Snap will notify you and your LED will turn red. Snap Inc stated that you will need to upload photos and videos into Snapchat memories before Pixy can fly once again.”

After Pixy captures the video it sends the photos and videos to Snapchat application. You can edit these videos with a variety of tools, including stickers, loops, scissors, loops, lenses and trim. Smart Edits allows creators to add fun effects quickly to Pixy Snaps. They can also use effects like Jump Cut, Orbit 3D and Jump Cut to enhance their videos.

Snap Inc’s Pixy is available for $230, or Rs 17,603 approximately. It is currently only available in the US.



Snap Inc’s Pixy is a drone that can be controlled through a remote control or by shaking your head. It has five preset paths, Hover mode, and Follow mode. The company claims that Pixy is capable of taking five to eight flights at full charge and transferring the photos to Snapchat Memories in