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All adventurers! I would be honored to have you join my spellbook. Do you see yourself as a fighter who loves to ping people with canna fire? if that sounds like your character or if you just really don’t like being in combat and if you really don’t like missing, then you know one of this dnd 5e featsThis could be the right decision for you. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at Spell sniper feat dnd5e. This classic among classics, this is one of the most popular feats in the game for the record and you’ll see while in a later on here. It is included in the player’s manual. Everyone should have it. This is amazing. With that hyped up intro out of the way let’s take a look in the description and break this down just a little bit.


This means that you need to have cast at least one spell before you can accomplish this feat. This makes sense since spell sniper5e demands that you can spell cast. In this scenario, you only need one. Although it is more convenient to have two, one is sufficient. This feat can be accomplished in the following manner:

Prerequisite:Ability to cast only one spell

Spell Sniper DnD5E Feat will teach you how to boost your attack using certain types spells. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Whenever you cast a spell in dnd which requires you to make an attack roll, of course then the spell’s range is doubled.
  • Your ranged spells may ignore up to three-quarters or half of the cover.
  • You can only make one cantrip, and you must make an attack roll.  The cleric, the sorcerer spelllist, the wizard spell list or the bard can choose the cantrip. The spell list you choose will determine your ability to cast spells for this trip. This could be Charisma (for bard, warlock or druid), wisdom (for clerics and druids) or Intelligence (for wizard).

Super cool stuff! Let’s break it down a little bit further.


First and foremost, you’re so long as there’s an attack role involved, the range is doubled. That’s insane. It might be worth noting that this doesn’t apply to AoE, it doesn’t apply to debuff but it just strictly applies to ranged attacks. This is some very cool stuff. It’s also very helpful to ignore half and three quarters. It really helps you gain access to a lot of cool kind of trick shots means people can’t hide from you is easily stuff like that.

You also get a cantrip as part of the deal. Be aware there’s a little bit of a restriction on it and that is the cantrip has to be able to make an attack roll. Elders blast is an excellent choice. Thorn whip is another option. If circumstances allow, I can see someone using a green fire or booming knife. These can be picked up as a trip, but they won’t work with spell attack range. This is some cool stuff. Let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


I really like this one, i really do i can see why it’s so popular among the casting, the ability to ignore half and three quarters cover is probably the coolest part. There’s ways to get to ridiculous range on a lot of spells as well. But i find in my experience at least most encounters don’t usually happen over that long of a range to begin with. So it’s a little bit of and i guess it’d be nice to have but i personally haven’t found myself relying on it very much.

If you have like more of a naval campaign where you’re on ships and there’s enemy pirates and stuff like that. It could be more useful. This is the person I believe will reap the greatest benefits. The warlock is my favorite. It is, I believe. This feat is better suited for elders who are able to blast spell. I love this.

Due to its diversity, the wizard would be close behind. There is also the cleric, druid, and bard. Bards can cast very damaging spells. This is one of the problems. They actually require a check they don’t make an attack roll so it’s not really applicable under this. The bard is most likely to win. At least in my opinion so to list it out a Warlock, Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, the Druid and the Bard would probably be the order i’d put it in.

It was also possible to see that the eldritch Knight might be benefiting from this, due to the neglect of benefits.


In any case if you have any crazy ideas for spell sniper or any cool builds or combos you’ve heard of in the past or any cool stories about it or any thoughts even. Comment your thoughts. These comments are very enjoyable for me, as well as everyone else who visits the site. Thank you again for your kind words. Happy adventuring!