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We all are magic casters. My website is yours. Today we are looking at what we’ve actually been discussing in the comment sections for quite a while now. We’re gonna be looking at 5e spider climb. This spell is available for the sorcerer, warlock, as well as wizards and artificers. It’s found in the good old player’s handbook. It should be readily available to all players.

This is a spell that most people like quite a bit, sometimes monks get a little bit upset over it because at later levels they get an ability that let’s them basically do the same thing and it’s also the equivalent of a second level spell slot. The spell balance works well. I don’t think it’s scales that great but i do think it’s pretty fun. In any case let’s take a quick look at it’s mechanics here.


Effect:The result can be seen at a glance in the following.

The target can walk vertically or upside down. They will also be capable of climbing at a speed equal or greater than their walking speed. This is very cool.

Casting time It is only one thing.

Range:It is fascinating to see the range of touch.

Duration:It takes about an hour and requires concentration. This is disappointing.

Components:The components make up the holy trinity. The holy trinity consists of three components: verbal, material, and somatic. If you’re curious both a material component it is a drop of bitumen and a spider very cool stuff.

School:Transmutation is the school’s motto. It makes sense.

Now let’s take a look at the full description here and just better break this spell down.


In spider climb spell dnd 5e, until d&d spell ends, one of the willing creatures which you do touch would gain some ability to move up, down and even across the vertical surfaces and upside down along ceilings, during leaving its hands free. The target can also climb at a speed equal to its walking pace.

Have you ever read anything? shocking grasp 5e spell article?

It’s a very cool stuff. Climb speed is without doubt one of the fastest speeds in the world. Flying is possible, but there are many drawbacks to flying. You can also cast the spell on other creatures. This is touch magic. This spell has a limited range, which is what many people believe. You can cast it through your familiars. This is great for pinch situations.

DnD 5E Spider Climb Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
ClassesWizard, Warlock, and Sorcerer
ComponentsV S M
TimeMaximum 1 hour
MaterialA drop of bitumen, and a spider
NameSpider Climb
The RangeTouch
TargetOne willing creature can be touched

Now let’s take a quick look at some alternative uses here and see if we can get those creative juices flowing a little bit.

Other uses

So one of my favorite uses is to use this on important NPCs you’re meant to protect. This spell is great for helping them get out a pinch and getting them out of combat. It also keeps them safe. Naturally it’s safe to say that there are better spells for this. Spider climbing is still a good option, even if it’s not possible to push the button.

Another great place to use this spell is to cast it out of one of your clumsier allies while you’re making your way through a trap filled dungeon. This allows them avoid many traps that could be potentially harmful and aids with resource management.

This is a great way of using it together with the horse spell. It’s possible to get spider horse. It’s pretty cool, pretty wild, i couldn’t think of a lot of reasons why i’d want to per say, i mean your movements great don’t get me wrong but. It’s fascinating. I’m surprised you guys have talked about it so much.

In any case there’s another use that i actually thought of after the above uses but. This works well with any grappling partner. For example i’ll say in a place with higher ceilings or in a multi-level building or beside on at the very least just grapple an enemy run up to the top of the building and throw them off of it. It’s kind of funny and as some DMs are bound to dislike that, but i still think it’s pretty freakin hilarious.

I would be glad to hear from you if you have any additional thoughts, concerns, questions, or uses.