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As working remotely is becoming the norm, 2020 will see laptops as an integral part our daily lives. It is important to be familiar with the key words shortcuts, as this will simplify our work.

We often have to take pictures during work. While most of us are familiar with how to capture screenshots using our Android smartphones or iPhones, we don’t know what to do on an Apple MacBook or Windows laptop. We have created an easy-to-follow guide to show you how to capture screenshots from your laptop on both Windows and Mac. Here are the steps.

Windows 10: How to Take Screenshots

You can take many screenshots with a Windows 10 laptop.

#Process 1

STEP 1. Press the Windows key and print screen

STEP 2. Launch Explorer (Windows key +e) to access the Pictures Library on your laptop.

STEP3: Select Pictures from the Left Panel.

Step 4: Go to the Screenshots folder. The screenshot will be saved with the Screenshot + number.

Image representation

#Process 2

STEP 1. You can also take screen shots on Windows by using the Print Screen key

STEP 3: Next, open MS Paint on your laptop

STEP3: To paste the image in Paint, press ctrl+ v

Step 4: Save the screen shot and then use it as needed.

Windows 10: How to capture a screenshot of your current window

You can also take screenshots of any app or window that you have opened. These are the steps.

STEP 1. Click on the app to take a screen shot. Make sure that your app appears in the front and not below other apps.

STEP 2 Use alt+Print Screen Keys together

STEP 3: Next open Microsoft Paint.

STEP4: To copy the screen shot of the window open in MS Paint, you will need to press CTRL + V. You can save the screenshot from that point.

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How to capture a screen shot in Windows 10

Step 1: Start the Snipping Instrument. Simply go to Start > All Programs > Accessories.

STEP 2. Use the Down Arrow next to New

STEP 3. Choose Rectangular Snip, or Free-form Snip. While the Rectangular Snip can capture a rectangle screenshot, the Free-form Snip is able to draw any type of shape and take a screenshot.

STEP4: To annotate the screen shot, you can use the Snipping Tool.

Step 5: Take a screenshot of the screen on your computer.

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How to capture a screenshot of your MacBook

STEP 1. Press and hold the following three keys: Command, Shift and 3.

STEP 2. To edit the screenshot, click on the thumbnail in the upper right corner of the MacBook screen.

STEP 3. You may also choose to wait until the screen capture is saved to your computer.