Struggling to find COVID-19 beds in Delhi? How to check availability of COVID-19 beds in Delhi hospitals

The ongoing COVID-19 2nd wave is causing problems for Indian citizens, particularly those living in India’s capital.

The Delhi Corona app was launched by the Delhi government during the initial wave. It allows people to check the availability of COVID-19 general beds and ICU beds. This app allows citizens to check the availability of ICU and general COVID-19 beds at their hospital. How to access the Delhi Corona app.

Where to Find COVID-19 Beds in Delhi

Download the Delhi Corona App developed by Delhi e-Governance Society and IT Department Health & Fitness. You can download the app from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. The app can be downloaded on any mobile device in seconds.

Once the app has been downloaded, you can allow it to send out notifications so that you are always up to date.

You can check on your home screen the availability of COVID-19 beds.

The homepage displays COVID-19 general bed, and COVID-19 ICU bed with ventilators. At the moment, there are over 4000 beds in general COVID-19 beds. COVID-19 ICU beds without and with beds is 181 and 302.

Delhi Corona app: More details

The Delhi Corona app allows everyone to check the status of beds as well as hospital names.

Check the status of COVID-19 bed near you:

Click on the COVID-19 beds tab from your home screen.

It will take you to a page listing all Delhi hospitals that have COVID-19-equipped beds.

You will find the exact details about vacant COVID beds on this page.

It also displays the total number of beds that were occupied.

The app also has numbers for hospitals so that users can call them directly and receive updates.

Delhi Corona app is able to distinguish hospitals using a green, yellow or red color. A green color indicates the availability of a COVID-19-compliant bed. Yellow means that there is a limited number of beds and red signifies that no beds are available.

The app also provides information about hospital beds. Users can apply for rations, locate a relief center or shelter, and get an epass to enable them to move.