Tamil Nadu: Another Okinawa electric scooter caught fire Tamil Nadu: All we know

One more Okinawa electric scooter went up in flames in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district. Satish, who is a Krishnagiri resident, purchased the Okinawa scooter in 2011.

Satish set out on Saturday morning to get his scooter and go to work. Soon, smoke was visible below his seat. Reports IANS, he soon lifted the seat and saw smoke that later burned his scooter.

Satish was able to put out the flames with the assistance of locals. However, the scooter sustained severe damage. Recent incidents of electric two-wheelers going up on fire have been frequent. Many of the vehicles manufactured by electric two-wheelers Ola and Okinawa have been recalled.

The Okinawa Praise Pro, an e-scooter purchased in the last year, was not brought into service for several months.

Customers are informed at the point of delivery about EV scooter use, maintenance and preventative services. The same information is clearly stated in company’s owners manual. IANS was told by the dealer that they conduct regular vehicle health checks and campaign awareness to make sure the vehicle runs smoothly.

It stated that despite repeated phone calls reminding the customer, the scooter had not been taken in for service for several months.

A blast in their Okinawa scooter battery that was being charged at home caused the death of a father and daughter duo. You may also like: Waiting to see a new electric scooter launch? This is why you might be delayed

An Ola S1 electric scooter in blue caught fire while it was being parked along the Pune road. It caught fire and quickly engulfed all of the scooter. You can also read: EV battery fire: A 40-year-old man dies in Vijayawada explosion. Family members are left with serious injuries

Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog asked EV OEMs to recall any batches that were involved in the EV fire incidents as more two-wheelers set themselves ablaze.

Gurugram’s Okinawa Autotech announced that it would recall 3,215 Praise Pro scooters at no cost to address any battery problems.

According to Okinawa the recall is part of comprehensive health check-up camps for power packs. There the batteries are checked for any loose connectors and any damage. The battery can be fixed at no cost by any Okinawa authorized dealer in India.

The batteries will be checked for any loose connections or damage, and repaired at no cost by any Okinawa-authorized dealerships across India. “The electric 2W manufacturer is working with dealers partners to ensure that customers have a convenient repair experience. For this reason, vehicle owners will need to be reached individually,” said the company in a statement.



An electric scooter by the company Okinawa started a fire. The company recalled 3,215 Praise Pro scooters at no cost to address any battery problems.