Tata Motors registers massive YoY growth of 300 percent in EV sales for April

Tata Motors has registered sales of 72,468 units in April 2022. This is 74 percent higher when compared to last year’s data for the month of April. The Indian car maker has also managed to achieve impressive growth in the electric vehicle segment. Despite a general slowdown in sales in the automotive segment, Tata Motors has managed a steady growth.

Last year, Tata Motors sold a total of 41,729 units of cars in the month of April 2021. In the EV category, Tata Motors registered a growth of 300 percent. The company sold 2,322 units of EVs compared to just 581 units in the month of April 2021.

In terms of growth in the passenger vehicle segment, Tata Motors has managed to sell 39,265 units in the month of April 2022. In comparison, the Indian brand only sold 24,514 units in the month of April 2021. This marks a growth of 60 percent. In the overall passenger vehicle market, Tata Motors sold 41,587 units in April 2022. In 2021, the company had only sold 25,095 cars in April.

Domestic sales of MH&ICV in April 2022, including trucks and buses, stood at 12,069 units, compared to 6,466 units in April 2021.

Total sales for MH&ICV Domestic & International Business in April 2022, including trucks and buses, stood at 12,524 units compared to 7,366 units in April 2021.

In April, Tata Motors announced a price hike for all its passenger vehicles, which includes both electric vehicles and ICE-powered cars and SUVs. The latest price increase has been attributed to the rising input costs. The reason has been the same for the past few consecutive price hikes for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Tata increased the prices from the last week of April. The company claimed that the weighted average increase is 1.1%, depending on the variant and model. Similar to the previous price hikes, Tata Motors is expected to honor the older prices for customers who had booked their cars before April 23. In the month of March, Tata Motors had announced an increase in price in the range of 2-2.5% for all its commercial vehicles. Tata Motors has increased the prices of passenger vehicles twice this year.

The company will be conducting a launch event on May 11. Tata Motors is expected to launch the all new Nexon EV Long Range. The new version will come with a bigger battery and hence longer range. The range is expected to be bumped up to 400km.



Tata Motors is experiencing surprisingly strong sales in the month of April. Its electric vehicle segment is growing rapidly and sales for passenger vehicles are also up. The company announced plans to launch a new version of an electric car, Nexon, with longer range.