Tata Motors sold the maximum number of EVs ever in FY22

Tata Motors has reported its highest-ever EV sales in the last fiscal year. The company claims it managed to achieve this milestone despite challenges in the supply chain.

The company has registered a “record-breaking FY, Quarter & Month for Tata Motors Passenger and Electric Vehicle. The company has announced that it made the highest ever annual EV sales of 19,106 units in FY22. This is a sharp rise of 353 percent in comparison to EV sales in FY21.

Tata Motors Passenger and Electric Vehicle has also reported its highest-ever quarterly sales of 9,095 units in Q4FY22. This is a sharp rise of 432 percent, compared to the sales in Q4FY21.

In terms of monthly sales too, Tata Motors reported its highest-ever sales of 3,357 units in March 2022 up 377 percent compared to March 21.

In terms of overall Passenger Vehicles sales, Tata Motors has registered the highest ever annual sales of 3,70,372 units in FY22. The sales were up by 67 percent compared to FY21. In terms of quarterly sales, Tata Motors registered sales of 1,23,051 units in Q4FY22 up by 47 percent compared to Q4FY21. In terms of monthly sales, Tata Motors has announced that its sold a total of 42,293 units in March 2022. This is also a substantial jump of 43 percent when compared to March’21. The company also reported the highest-ever monthly SUV sales of 29,559 units in March 2022.