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Salute adventurers from all sizes! Thank you for visiting my spellbook. This is the 56th episode of our feats series. Do you like to be a rebel? If that sounds like your character and if they’re not one for formalities then this feat might be worth taking a look at. Today we’re going to be taking a look at dnd5e Tavern Brawler feat this classic among classics has found in the player’s handbook and you know for the right build i think it’s really dang good. That being said let’s take a look at the description here.


There’s no prerequisite for this! This means that everyone can do this, regardless of race or ability. No problem! With that out of the way let’s look at the full description.


You can also gain the following benefits as a Tavern Brawler DnD5E Feat an Accustomed to the rough-and–tumble fighting using whatever weapon is at your disposal:

  • It is possible to increase your strength and constitution score up to 20.
  • You can also become proficient with improvised weapons.
  • An unarmed strike can use a d4 for the damage.
  • You can use the bonus act to try and grapple the target if a creature you hit with an unarmed attack or an improvised tool during your turn.

This is awesome! my goodness, let’s take a look at the walkthrough and break that down just a little bit further.


First and foremost that +1 strength/constitution up to you is pretty self-explanatory ultimately just pick whichever one your is closest to your ability score improvement and outside of that just pick whatever was more useful to you. The proficiency with improvised weapons let’s you add your proficiency, a bonus to attack roles made with an improvised weapon. You might wonder if it is a weapon. It could be a beer glass, a rock, or a spoon.

For unarmed strikes, a 1d4 card is also available. This is an amazing bonus action and grants you a bonus action each time you make an unarmed attack or improvised weapons strike. You can also try to grapple. It’s a really cool thing. This is something I love. Let’s see what my personal thoughts were.


I read somewhere i haven’t been able to find the thread i know it’s out there. With this feat, you can actually turn a spoon monkey. This is how proficiency, improvised weapon and improvised gun make your improvised guns. Your game must favor that. If they do, then this build is super cool.

Basically as you use a spoon as your kensi weapon and if you’re familiar with how monks are played, it’s pretty dang funny. It all depends on what your playing style is. This is the best way of determining who receives the greatest benefit. This applies to all natural armor-wearing people such as monks and lizards.

Just because in the setting you’d have access to improvised weapons. It wouldn’t make sense to wear armor at the same time. So that’s kind of my personal thoughts on this. This feat is actually very mechanical. It can be used as a plus or minus one strength. So almost anyone can grab it and it’ll make sense for their character.


We would love to hear your ideas, combinations, and thoughts. Tavern brawler 5eYou can mention them in comments. Your kind words are appreciated. I wish you all a happy day and safe adventuring.