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It is a fact that today, life without smartphones can be difficult. Think about the day when you go out with friends to shop and lose your phone. That is a situation that I am sure nobody wants to find themselves in. What do you do when something like this happens? In such situations, panicking is not an option. We have some suggestions to help you get out of such situations. We will be discussing how to remotely locate your Android phone so that you can erase any data.

NOTE: In order to locate your lost Android device, you should turn the data and location option. To erase data from the lost Android device, it must have active data connections.

Find your lost Android phone

First, log in with your Google credentials to Google’s Find My Device site. You are now logged into the phone you wish to track.

Second Step: Once you login, the site will search for the last device that was linked to your account. Below the last used device, you will see all other devices that are logged in to your account.


Step 3 : Once the service has located your device, it will give you a map showing its exact location. There are many other options.

Step 4 : To open a Google Maps Window that gives you exact directions to your device, tap the pointer on the map.

5th Step: Once you have reached the precise location, you will be able to use other options such as “Play Sound” and “Secure Device”.


Play sound will vibrate your phone for five minutes even though it’s on silent. Secure device will sign out your Google account and lock your device.

How can you remotely wipe your Android phone

If you are unable to locate your phone and wish to delete all data so it doesn’t get in the wrong hands you can use Google’s Find My Device tool.

First Step: Go to the Find My Device site.

2nd Step: List tap the “Erase Device”, option located below the device’s name and details, in the menu.

Step 3 Click the “Erase Devices” button to confirm.


4: Verify your identity with your Google credentials

5th Step: Once the device is connected to the Internet, the factory data reset will be performed.

The Erase option will completely wipe your phone. All of your settings, apps, and photos will be erased. The Find My Phone service for your device will cease to work after this. This is a precautionary step that you should only do if your device cannot be returned.