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Telegram’s year-end update brought many new features to users, including message translation and QR codes with themed text. These features are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

These new features were added to the platform in order to make it easier and more interactive. Users will find a number of useful features in the 12th release. One such feature is the translation function within the app. This allows you to convert the text from one language into another. It is easy to use the translation function within the app. The in-app translator can’t be used in WhatsApp which grants exclusive access to the cloud-based IM services. Here’s an easy guide for Telegram users who have not had the opportunity or aren’t able to take advantage of the feature.

Telegram’s in-app translator: How do you use it?

Start the Telegram App on Your Phone

Next, choose the hamburger icon. This is three lines that are stacked one on top of another.

Click on the button to open the Settings menu.

Select the Language option in Settings to see the full list of supported languages by the platform.

– To turn on the Translate button, tap the toggle located at the top of the Language Menu.

After activating the feature, you will see a new menu where you can choose the language you don’t want it to translate your message into.

Open any group or individual chat, and then you will be able see the “Translate” option in the popup menu. The app currently supports just a handful of languages.

Simply click on Translate to have your message translated into Telegram’s default Language.

Telegram’s 12th update added some quirky features to its app, including in-app translation. Telegram now offers iMessage-like responses that can be used by simply tapping the message (pressing and holding on iOS). A Spoilers feature is also available that will hide a selected part of text from the chat, chat list and notifications to prevent users getting unwanted alerts.