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Telegram has just released a new firmware upgrade that brings many new features. Telegram’s new beta version v7.5.0 features auto-delete and Home screen widgets on both Android, iOS platforms.

The app allows users to delete all messages from any conversation. However, this latest update gives them the ability to create an automatic-delete timer to remove messages that they have sent in chat. Only admins can modify the timer for channels and groups. The home screen widget allows users to quickly access chats. Two widget options have been added to the update: a chat widget that displays recent chats and a shortcut widget where names and profiles are only displayed.

Telegram version 7.5.0 now includes expiring invites for link creation. This will allow you to make an existing link inactive after a specified time. Telegram’s blog posts explain that link invitations can be converted into scannable QR codes to make them easy to share. Changelog: More animated emoticons, unlimited members (broadcast group, which allows you to increase your limit from 200000 users to unlimited), enhanced chat import experience and reporting system.

If you’ve received an update to Telegram app on your phone, you will be able to access the Auto-delete and Home Screen widgets.

Telegram Update v7.5.0- How To Use Auto-Delete

Open the Contact you wish to remove chats from and tap the three dots in the upper left corner.

Click Clear History to choose a time period.

Press and hold the message button on your iOS device.

Next, tap Select and click Clear Chat. You will then see the option at (top-left).

After this, enable Auto-Delete .

Telegram Update v7.5.0- Access to Home Screen Widgets

Home Screen widgets allow you to instantly access the most important chats. Add a Telegram widget on your home screen to access this feature. How to add widgets:

Hold down on the home screen and then click Widgets if your Android phone is being used. iOS users must tap the (+) icon to find Telegram.

Telegram states that messages and chats in the widget are always ‘up-to-date’. However, iOS widgets won’t get updates regularly and cannot be extended due to system limitations.